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#15865 [request] Wiki categories
1 year ago Edited by nj on July 24, 2018, 11:42 a.m. Reason: Initial post

While not too huge, the wiki is starting to get some flesh (which is awesome!) and I think it's time to think about how to organize that knowledge in a more convenient way for browsing and exploring it.
Ryan Fleury
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#15868 [request] Wiki categories
1 year ago

Hey Nicoco!

I completely agree! The team has lots of ideas about streamlining the process of accessing the vast amount of information that the community can offer. Right now, the team is still getting accustomed to the code-base of the website while also fixing some small issues, but we definitely have things planned in this area! I'll be sure to communicate your ideas to the team to explicitly make the point of improving the wiki's organization.


Handmade Network lead and developer of The Melodist