Jeroen van Rijn
169 posts • 2 projects
Jeroen is just this guy, you know. He's a veteran programmer who at one time found himself chin deep in webdev and decided the best thing...
Abner Coimbre
154 posts • 2 projects
Abner Coimbre started Handmade Network when rallying the Handmade Hero community around a common goal. Abner handles the legalities, fina...
Andrew Chronister
152 posts • 2 projects
Andrew is the frontend developer and CSS-wrangler-in-chief for Handmade Network. A student at the University of Washington, he works on t...
Matt Mascarenhas
85 posts • 1 projects
Matt is just a lifelong computer user, music player and book reader. In contrast to the rest of the Handmade Dev team, however, his early...
Casey Muratori
792 posts • 1 projects
Casey Muratori (website, twitter) is a programmer at Molly Rocket on the game 1935 (twitter) and is the host of the educational programmi...
Mr. Phil
12 posts • 1 projects
Allen Webster
151 posts • 2 projects
I live near the University of Michigan campus in Ann Arbor, Michigan, where I am an undergraduate majoring in computer science with a foc...
Stephen Olsen
17 posts • 1 projects
Software Engineer from Chicago. Data processing / web infrastructure by day, AI by night.
Martin Cohen
34 posts • 1 projects
Visual designer by trade, games & tools developer by heart. Fanatic admirer of simple and tiny things. In Prague in love with my girl...
David Kirn
5 posts • 1 projects
Currently a student, no major declared. I kind of fell into programming, curious one day I decided to find out how someone would go about...

4 posts • 1 projects
Ands is a Programmer and Game Designer from Münster, Germany. He is finishing his Masters degree in Computer Science at the WWU, special...
Apoorva Joshi
18 posts • 1 projects
I’m Apoorva Joshi, a systems/tools/games programmer. I work at NVIDIA as a GPU systems programmer, and in my spare time I work on Papaya...
Sergio González
29 posts • 1 projects
Hey! My name is Sergio Gonzalez. There are approximately 4 billion people who are also named Sergio Gonzalez, so I normally go by serge_r...
Zakary Strange
42 posts • 3 projects
Zakary Strange is an old school C developer. He likes to complain about everything he sees in the programming community and harp on usele...
45 posts • 2 projects
Father, husband, programmer, and Linux apologist. For some reason I prefer to do things the hard way.
Joe Savage
5 posts • 1 projects
A Computer Science student and software developer from England.
Philip Buuck
3 posts • 1 projects
Philip has been programming on and off for years, deciding to join the game industry a few years ago. He was often frustrated by the lack...
Bill Burdick
1 posts • 1 projects
(I started programming and role playing around 1978. I like the mainstreams and the indies of both fields but I'm intrigued by the stran...
Josh Filstrup
14 posts • 1 projects
My name is Josh, and I am many things: Linux user, keyboard hobbyist, coffee addict, PhD dropout, and one overly enthusiastic programmer....
Torin Wiebelt
1 projects
Sean Barrett
22 posts • 2 projects
Game developer; stb libraries; OBBG; programmer since 1980
Carmen S.
1 projects
Carmen S. is a Game Artist and Designer from Cologne, Germany. She studies Digital Games at the Cologne Game Lab since 2014, focusing on...
Florian Behr
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Andrew Bromage
168 posts • 1 projects