Vireac is an attempt to show other methods of representing code, as a proof of concept. Vireac is like an alphabet, rather than a language; it should be able to represent any language as effectively as text. Visually distinct structures will represent different kinds of code execution, and structures which are often grouped together (e.g. due to a language) will be visually grouped and condensed into an equally distinct structure of its own.

Ideally, Vireac will represent code in a much more beautiful and concise way.

Recent Activity

Probably won't be able to work on this more today, so it's time to consider this day 1 of &vireac. So far it's just parsing a copy/paste of its own assembly code from msvc into a bunch of colored circles, but all the different instructions are distinguishable, and I can scroll through them easily. Step 1 is complete.

Step 2 will be grouping them up based on the c++ code that produced them, and trying to make them visually distinct by shape rather than color.