A network simulator designed to help teach networking fundamentals

Recent Activity

Had to tweak &netsim just a little, because it was annoying me.
Added support for touchscreens, pinch-to-zoom on the graph, and tabbed out the menu bits so it'll fit properly on a horizontal iPad.

Final jam ship for &netsim
It's live over at https://bvisness.me/apps/netsim/ and it's incredibly jank. Enjoy!

We've got some fancy new buttons, congestion control, an IP routing rule builder, and some configurables for ACK delay and congestion control.
The best procedural musical instrument you didn't know you wanted.

Implemented TCP sending / receiving, with retransmission. It now reliably transmits data even if the network is unreliable! (In this example, one of the connections drops 10% of packets.) &netsim

Today was mostly polish. Lots of fiddly background stuff, like hooking up session storage so it'll save the fact that you muted it across refreshes, a little bit of input handling (space is now start/stop), and some mild visual tweaks to make logs more legible. &netsim

Some fun new bits/pieces today! We've got TCP logging, simulation controls, and some slightly tweaked colors. &netsim

Doing the TCP handshake, and sending and ACKing data! &netsim

Network-sim-as-an-instrument, now with more graphs! &netsim

After some hard work by @bvisness, we've got some fancy animations for packet routing / buffers! &netsim