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Great Progress and a Huge Response on Patreon

Jeremiah Goerdt
Lysa is going strong. Stronger than ever, actually. It's funny what happens to your mindset once you realize that people are actually relying on the work you do. Thanks for all the support and kicking me in the ass to work harder.

Over the last week, we got 21 Patrons, which is nuts! It's obvious that people want good debugging tools.

I have also started cleaning up the code in preparation for the first batch of prerelease users. Pledging on Patreon gets you an early copy of Lysa, and the spots are limited. This means that I already have a handful of programmers who want to get their hands on this thing.

The code is getting better every day with changes that have caught a few bugs for me, improvements to memory management, and refactoring older code that doesn't make sense anymore. Unfortunately, this means the streams haven't been quite as interesting from a problem solving perspective, but the work I'm doing is very important. To be honest, I'm a bit terrified to hand over Lysa to an excited group of programmers who will inevitably run into bugs. It's gonna be fun... right?

I try to keep track of what I'm doing and what is coming next over on my Trello board. There is also a new list for giving everyone an idea of what needs done before prerelease. Keep watching! I feel like we're getting super close, but I'm not so insane as to give you a date yet.

We have some exciting times ahead of us! Casey has really put the pressure on because he badly wants a good debugger in his life. I'm doing my best, and all of you amazing people watching Lysa are keeping me going.

Thanks again. Really


Shut up and take my $$$.
Welcome to Phase 3 of The Casey Effect.
Welcome to Phase 3 of The Casey Effect.

Shhh, you'll give away my marketing secrets.