Hey, everyone!

I hope everyone's month has been wonderful thus far! Since the last news post, we welcomed a new project to the site, and we saw some really incredible work being done by members of the community (as always).

Community Showcase Posts

For those who are unaware (I'm looking at you, lurkers!), Handmade Network has a Discord server. In this server, there is a "showcase" channel, where community members can post videos, articles, pictures, or something else related to their personal projects. I went through and picked out a few awesome ones:

Community member Chen posted this snapshot of an image rendered with his raytracer, rendered in 2.7 minutes.

gingerBill, who is working on the programming language Odin which is hosted right here on Handmade Network, posted an image of his successful implementation of Vulkan bindings in Odin.

nakst, working on operating system Essence, impressed us all again with his new file manager features. Anybody ready to switch yet?

Handmade Network team member and a developer on the Handmade Math project bvisness posted an interesting experiment of his in which he compared performance characteristics of JavaScript, WASM via Go, and WASM via Rust when each was used to generate a maze. You can check it out here!

While that alone is an impressive subset of the showcase channel, there is plenty more! If you'd like to check out more of what the community is working on, I highly recommend that you join the Discord Server.


As I mentioned, we also welcomed a brand new project to the site this month, Tilengine. It is a graphics engine built for retro games, written from scratch in C99 with minimal dependencies.

You can check it out here.

Stream Event

You didn't actually think that the last stream was the last one, did you? I'll be returning live to your web browsers soon. That being said, there is still the question of when works best for folks, and I would imagine that many schedules might shift in the month of December, so I am conducting another vote! I have not decided on a date yet, but I am expecting the stream to take place on a weekend in the month of December, before the 24th/25th. With that in mind, please choose a time that will work best for you!

That's all I've got for this news post. I hope you enjoyed it; I can't wait to see what you all do this month!

It has been swell,