About the Staff

We're a small group of programmers and idealists who are trying to make programming better for everyone. And we think the best way to do that is by collecting the best, down-to-earth programming projects in one place and building a community of the most talented programmers and most eager learners we can find.

Abner Coimbre

Abner Coimbre started Handmade Network when rallying the Handmade Hero community around a common goal. Abner handles the legalities, financials, and public facing of Handmade Network. In particular, he recruits developers to host their projects, spreads the word through the Handmade Dev Show on Twitch, conducts interviews with well-known programmers, and finds new ways to grow community. Abner began an internship at NASA in 2014 and received Kennedy Intern of the Year in 2015. He is now a co-op and currently works on the Mars launch control system while studying computer science.

Twitter: @AbnerCoimbre

Jeroen van Rijn

Jeroen is just this guy, you know. He's a veteran programmer who at one time found himself chin deep in webdev and decided the best thing for his sanity was to retire from it. Then Abner proposed what would become Handmade Network and he decided to dust off his keyboard and join the fray, only to find the keyboard wasn't particularly dusty yet. Some keys were getting stuck or unresponsive, sure, but a replacement keyboard soon fixed that. When not wrangling RSI, he develops the backend software that makes the website tick.

Apart from this he has a keen interest in low-level programming, optimisation, compiler writing and games development, among other subjects. When the site software is sufficiently mature, he plans to do an educational series on the Handmade Network, passing on some of the 30 years of collected knowledge he's gathered.

Twitter: @J_vanRijn

Matt Mascarenhas

Matt is a lifelong computer user, music player and book reader. In contrast to everyone else on the Handmade Network team, his education only touched on computer programming, having culminated with a degree in English language and literature. Or, rather, it would have culminated there had Casey not begun his educational programming project Handmade Hero.

Within the Handmade Network, Matt has become the person to ask if you want to know if / when Casey covered a particular topic on Handmade Hero – at least until the annotation system receives its long-expected overhaul, at which point he'll become partially redundant – and will be the first port of call should you have any issues with the Handmade Network website.

While not annotating or grepping the annotations for answers to people's questions, Matt practises programming in C with a view to developing a bunch of software – to play, to run your console-based applications, for doing linguistic research and for staging theatrical productions – writes audio and story for games, and evangelises his Arch Linux system, taking full credit for Abner's discovery of the beautiful distribution.

Twitter: @miblo_

Andrew Chronister

Andrew is the frontend developer and CSS-wrangler-in-chief for Handmade Network. A student at the University of Washington, he works on the site when he's not learning about theroetical CS and higher level math. He began learning about the web in grade school and was pulled back to web programming for Handmade Network after a couple years exploring C programming through Handmade Hero and other ventures.

Twitter: @ChronalDragon

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