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[News] Passing on the Torch

Handmade Folks,

Many of you have come to know Ryan Fleury (aka Delix), of The Melodist fame, who hosts his project here.

After 3 years, Handmade Network has grown into a self-sustaining niche community, and I've been considering who I think is a likely candidate for taking a crack at running this ship. The team and I, as well as many veteran members, believe Ryan is the right fit.

Wait, you're leaving?

No. I'll remain as an original founder. However, for all practical purposes (financial, legal, setting goals, and so on), Ryan and his team will be at the forefront. So my role is symbolic, but it's my way of saying I don't intend to run off and create a competing community!

This is a personal decision.

Like I said, we are a decent community we should feel proud of. To take it to the next level, however, requires an even greater sacrifice of free time. I personally now have a fiancé, family responsibilities, and a desire to settle down and explore in-real-life hobbies and pursuits. These are all things that were not present 3 years ago, and so back then I had used 100% of my free time just for the network.

I'm still not convinced! Stay.

(If you actually said this, I'm flattered!)

Well, interestingly, I was just musing about my career this past week. Although this is thinking far ahead, and I'm not the one who decides this, there's a possibility I might help the company maintain some kind of open ecosystem surrounding a project.

If that ever is the case, I cannot see myself programming full-time and actively handling two online spaces. There might be people who easily manage multiple online spaces, but I am keenly aware of my limits here.

Okay, what's next?

The next monthly news will be coming from Ryan! I will meet with him this month to continue info dumping everything I know about running a community. Meanwhile, Chronal and Jeroen are continuing to help Ben Visness understand how to maintain our server and extend backend functionality. After this, we're of course roping in Asaf Gartner and insofaras on how things work so the full team is ready.

Closing Notes

This network would literally not have existed without the other founders. It would not be what it is without project owners hosting their software projects here. The people in this community itself are generally respectful and intellectually curious and consistently showing love and commitment to our vision. Thank you so much...

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Hey Abner,
I've been a lurker mostly but I've been here since pretty much the beginning of Handmade Hero, and this network, so I'm genuinely saddened to see you go, in a sense. I remember being there for your "What programming is never about" stream and what I clearly remember thinking at the time... "what the hell is chocolate wine?" :P
In one of my rare interactions online, a long time ago, I thanked you for starting this community, and I'll say it again... thanks! For all the dedication and work you and the team have put into it. Despite flaws, it's actually the first place I felt I'd like to actively contribute to and seems worth the investment. Thank you for expanding on what Casey started and keeping this programming thing fun and rewarding. I'm glad to see you, and the people from the team, growing more accomplished as time goes on, as a testament that the philosophy is more than just idealism and naive words.

Best of luck in your endeavours, and see you in the forums!
Simon Anciaux,
Thanks Abner, the team and the community.
Miguel Lechón,
Thanks for your enthusiasm, dedication and good work.
Thank you Abner for running a great community! Ryan, looking forward to having you at the helm!
Ryan Fleury,
Thank you so much Abner for all that you have done in the creation of this community (and, of course, to the other founders as well)! I can confidently say that this community has been hugely beneficial to me; I've developed substantially as a programmer because of the existence of this community and the pursuit of its vision to present valuable information for the craft of making quality software. I hope I can be effective in the pursuit of that vision moving forward.

Abner Coimbre,
Best of luck in your endeavours, and see you in the forums!

Wow! I love hearing from the lurkers... I appreciate your entire message. Whatever we did, with all our imperfections, I'm elated you found reason to invest in this community.

Thank you as well, Simon, Miguel, and Dan.

I hope I can be effective in the pursuit of that vision moving forward.

Jan Dellsperger,
Thanks for all the work and good luck in all your future endeavors!
Mike Hobbes,
Thank you so much Abner. May all your wishes be fulfilled.
Joshua S Vaughan,
I've been lurking here since... checks watch... 2015. A hectic life and other projects prevented me from diving in full force until... about a week ago. Judging from Jonathan Blow's latest streams it seems like you have been going full steam on JAI. Thanks for all your work here and all that's to come!