Abner Coimbre started Handmade Network when rallying the Handmade Hero community around a common goal.

2017 marked three years of work at Kennedy Space Center, writing launch control software. Abner was awarded Kennedy’s Intern of the Year by 2015 which lead him to NASA’s Pathways program, where he got tasked to research ways to simplify the debugging of (wait for it) flying space robots. The fruit of that work landed Abner on Kennedy’s 2016 Top 10 list of Innovators — though just barely!

Abner's vision is to see more programmers interested in expanding their computer literacy, and hopes Handmade Network becomes the online community to do so.

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More options for project background images

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Day 001 with Visual Studio 2017

Ah excellent. Casey checks the forums but probably less often than the Handmade Hero GitHub, and …
Forum Code
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Day 001 with Visual Studio 2017

This is useful stuff. I remember reporting the VS 2015 issues on the Handmade Hero private github…
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Unity Builds in Practice

occamin I'm a Clojure developer by trade so I'm pretty unfamiliar C/C++ normals and common indust…