Extended Public Beta

The fixing of the bugs has led Jeroen to redesign some key aspects of the data model and further improve efficiency. We've extended our beta until the end of June.

New Projects

We've had over 10 new project requests so we can host them here on Handmade Network, many of them already ahead in development. We're currently reviewing each one and plan to add them by the end of the month.

New Staff Member

Martin Cohen has joined the team! He will be exploring new design options as we work hard to release a stable, fully-featured version of the site. He's made some tweets regarding his current concepts such as this and that (note: totally subject to change).

Return of the Handmade Dev Show

It's true folks! The show that brought you Casey Muratori, Won Chun, Jonathan Blow and others for one-on-one interviews returns! And now we divorce ourselves from the game industry for a while and begin a search for handmade programmers in hard real-time industries where lives may depend on your code, such as in space exploration.

Join us this upcoming Sunday on Twitch at 5PM EDT.


As always, feedback is appreciated.