I've gotten pokes from viewers asking about the Handmade Dev Show. It's awesome to have awesome viewers, thank you for that. There's an uncomfortable but necessary transition happening in my life, and in the spirit of ongoing transparency (which was further fostered by approaching strangers with #PokemonGo), my story follows:

This summer of 2016 is an important rotation at work because I have to fulfill many obligations by the end of it. I've been away from school for a couple years, pursuing internships until getting into the NASA co-op program. Now I need to return (Monday, August 22nd) for a year and finish my degree so that full-time conversion can occur. Before returning, there are panels, showcases, and infamous government forms to fill out, as well as performance reviews. That's the reason I haven't been streaming... I'm exhausted by the weekends. In addition, the one and only Andrew Chronister is here at NASA for a summer internship! I like to be around to help him out when I can, although he's doing just fine independently. Perhaps he'll be willing to share a blog post of his own, detailing all his space adventures here as a programmer.

Thus, the right time to continue the show would be after the summer—perhaps the day before school starts. I have a feeling streaming on weekends will be the best way to let off steam after a week of programming school. To the extent that classes don't get in the way of course. I want to stay on Kennedy Space Center. Once I'm older and in a higher position, the agency will be a great place to inspire future programmers to "give a f#ck" about developing software, which is my new definition of handmade.