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[News] Shutting Down Our Patreon

Handmade Folks,

If you are a patron of Handmade Hero, you likely saw Casey's post, Patreon Implosion, and his plans to jump ship along with others -- a fact reflected on our own dwindling pledges. Casey supports Handmade Network. We've already discussed. He plans to continue supporting, and I'm certain all of you will as well... when the time is right again.

We're closing down our Patreon effective imediately.

By the end of the year, the team and I will have completed our site goals with the wiki system, and from there on we are doing a feature freeze and moving on to maintenance mode. We had already discussed this long before Patreon's move. The team deserves a much needed break.

In the meantime, I am footing the bills in protest of Patreon's handling of their announcement, and I'm also pondering on waiting it out until a new service—potentially Drip—comes out. When I can provide a solid Patreon alternative for you guys, I will make sure to let you know! Your most valuable support should come by continuing strong engagement on handmade.network! We have this website, community chats (links on the front page), and the @handmade_net account to keep you updated.

We'll remain as strong as ever.

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Agree with and commend your decision. For you and all the other projects on here, if you have a temporary way for us to provide support (PayPal) until a permanent soultion is found please provide the information.
Abner Coimbre, Edited by Abner Coimbre on
A couple of you have pointed out the company reverting their decision. The ship has sailed. If it had happened a bit sooner, more discussion could have at least taken place.