Handmade Community!

Roughly a year ago, we sprang to life as a result of being inspired by Handmade Hero. Even though The Handmade Dev Show has been in hiatus, it should be back on the air nearing the end of this month, especially since we need to celebrate Handmade Dev's 1-year anniversary! Stay tuned for more updates on Twitter.

On with the news.

Improvements to Site


o You no longer lose a post if no title is set
o Thread titles are updated when editing original post
o Fixed wrong link in breadcrumb when editing or replying
o Quote button would sometimes not work
o Quoted text now links to original post
o Enabled some nested quotes functionality
o Better redirects from old Handmade Hero forums


o Forum tools (delete, close thread. Create forum)
o Spam report
o Post Preview
o Draft
o New blog post button position
o Search
o More discoverable second page of projects
o Image reordering on project page
o Profile preview

Jeroen is working hard on these, and he's typically on IRC if you need to provide feedback on things needed.

New Projects

We welcome 8 new projects to the site:

1. Cipher Drive - cipher.handmade.network

2. CxxProfile - cxx.handmade.network

3. DungeonBuilder - dungeon-builder.handmade.network

4. GbLibraries - gblibs.handmade.network

5. PhotoCog - photocog.handmade.network

6. SoLoud - soloud.handmade.network

7. Storyboard - storyboard.handmade.network

8. YAVE - yave.handmade.network

In addition, there are 3 projects pending review, and 2 have recently been accepted.

HMN Gitlab Integration

Indeed, Handmade Network has its own GitLab, privately in use by a few project owners and internally by the Handmade Dev team.

It's time to open up the GitLab for all HMN users (read-access), so I'll be contacting all project owners interested in hosting their codebases there. Closed-source devs may create private repos and only they would be able to access it. And much in the same way project owners with a Patreon have the following on their profile:

so will it be with their public GitLab repository.

Monthly Update Policy

All projects here are hosted free of charge, and what we ask now is a monthly update from all project owners (*). It can be a blog post, forum post, or a simple message saying "Hey, I'm alive!". After a few strikes, they'll be pushed down the list of projects and eventually flagged to hiatus until project activity is noticeable again.

There are obvious cases where projects may already have self-sustaining communities, or where the owners explicitly announced they will be gone for X amount of time. We won't flag projects in cases like those. This is just a way to make sure handmade projects are not abandoned. The policy won't be enforced by any kind of tracker. Moderators will determine inactivity on a case-by-case basis.

* Projects featured when the site launched will be grandfathered in.

Exciting Future

We're almost done fixing all bugs and the new features are coming in, slowly but surely. Please continue supporting us on Patreon, thank the staff, and don't forget to help out the people working diligently on their projects.