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Public Beta

Yes folks, it continues. I always joke that the only time you can be sure a deadline is met by Handmade Dev is if there's a countdown timer behind it (because that is how we launched the beta site by a set date). It will continue to be that way, because we don't want to mess this up.

Incidentally, at the staff meeting our lead developer has said it's a pretty safe bet the bugs will be dwindling to the point of officially moving to a stable version by the end of this month. Take that with a grain of salt, but his level of certainty was inspiring.

New Projects to be Added Tomorrow

Yes folks. Approved projects will be coming in by the end of July 7th, 2016! We generally expect all the new projects to provide monthly updates, and I will disclose what that means in details with the project owners. I ask the community to please support these new handmade projects with feedback and support, as we have done for some of our bigger projects here.

Personal Thoughts

Yes folks, personal thoughts.

Many well-meaning users are always wanting new features or shiny things very fast. I hope you're aware how invested I am in Handmade Dev, as is Andrew Chronister, Jeroen van Rijn, Miblo, Martin Cohen and most of the community. This is a long-term initiative (10-20 years?) and so it is not the end of the world for me if there are a good number pauses, delays or hiccups—at least, of course, until we figure out what works, what doesn't, and to establish the best rhythm to move forward.

As you're aware, most of my work is behind-the-scenes and involves getting new projects, resolving (many) disputes, and performing outreach with well-known developers (for interviews, PR, having them join the cause, etc.). Establishing long-distance friendships takes an exceptionally long time, mostly consisting of actually gaining access to the developer, exchanging long-winded e-mails and doing hangout calls with broken Linux audio. So even if you don't see me around as much as I would like, please know I'm around.

And that this is going to take a while.
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Jeroen van Rijn, Edited by Jeroen van Rijn on
The new projects that have been approved may unfortunately not be available for another two days or so.
I'm having the hardest time trying to focus, quite literally. The fresh pair of contacts I picked up the day before yesterday appear to be a bit dodgy. A visit to the optometrist tomorrow and an express order for a new pair should hopefully restore my eyesight to non-headache-inducing levels, aka 20/20 vision.

As it stands typing is obviously not an issue, having been a touch typist for 30 years. It's the other half of information processing that's the problem.

I apologise for the resulting hiccup in the announced schedule. Things were looking fine yesterday when I mentioned adding the projects today. Once eyesight is back up to scratch, these project owners' visions will become equally clear.