Handmade Folks!

Hoping September treats you well. If anyone lives near a hurricane zone, please check the weather report often! Random warning aside, let's get right to the updates:

Project Lifecycles

    Chronaldragon implemented project lifecycles for the network! I don't have much to add to that, since he wrote an excellent post about it. I encourage you to check it out. With this feature laid out, the dragon is leveraging part of that system to continue work on Handmade's Wiki (which is his current focus).

Server Upgrade

    I've upgraded the network to a much larger server on Hetzner. Jeroen moved most things over although there are still a couple of things -- the IRC and handmade e-mail server -- that need to be transported. However the network / website itself and code repositories have been moved. Details here.

On Matrix "Release Date"

    I promised a date for when we would open up Matrix to the community. Once again, be aware that we are notorious for delaying things quite often. However, as far as I can tell, the end of the year seems to be a good target. That is to say, not until December should you expect any serious announcements to move to it. After the team met last time to see what our priorities were, we still consider this year's Handmade Education initiative to be the most important thing to get out the door. And since we're still working on that, discussing chat systems, once again, goes to the back burner. Speaking of which...

Open Education Meeting

    Last month we had our first open education meeting. At the time of writing the VOD is available, and I've downloaded it to make sure it's also available later. That meeting was not unlike the ones we've been having most of the year. The purpose of streaming it was for the community to see how we carry out the work every other week or so.

In Conclusion...

As of now until year's end, the only work you should expect from the team is to push out and host that first batch of handmade lessons from the authors before the end of the year. That's our target. We believe quality programming education is crucial, but one with a handmade flavor is an even more meaningful endeavor to us.

As always, a dollar pledge to support the network goes a long way. Your time spent on the network and being a part of the community is equally valuable.

Until next month,