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Name Change... Again... Sorry (1/16/2018)

Ryan Fleury
Hey, everyone!

If you can recall, I renamed the game from Dissonance to Cadence awhile ago because of a name collision with another indie game and also due to my changing vision of the game.

My decision to rename the game to Cadence a good number of months ago was a naive one, though, because there is yet another indie game titled Cadence that is far further in development than my game is.

The game has not changed, nor has my vision for it; however, my vision has been greatly refined. I think I have a pretty good idea of what the game is to be about in both mechanics and theme. So, in accordance with that refined vision, I've yet again changed the game's name to both avoid name collisions (I swear I've been more cautious this time) and to embody the game's theme better.

This was a decision that took awhile to make, both because I had to allow my vision for the game develop but also because I simply couldn't think of a name for longer than I care to admit.

Anyways, here's the game's new name/logo mockup:

(pardon the lack of centering)

It's still technically tentative; I want to get a few other pairs of eyes on it before I make it official and e-mail HMN's staff to change my project's URL yet again... (sorry).

I hope you like the name/logo. If there are any suggestions/comments you have, don't hesitate to let me know!



I don't think anyone can fault you for considering a new name as the project grows. Just let people know all of these things are codenames (rather than the real title.)

Once you're getting ready to do some heavy promotion though, I'd say make sure the name is final.
Definitely fair, Abner. I think I have found the final project name (The Melodist), as it is unique (finally) and fits the game better than anything I've thought of. :)
Well, watch out! Someone else in the future might have the means (e.g. marketing budget, large/fast team) to overshadow The Melodist with their own game by that title, so I'd personally suggest either staying open to change or securing the title with trademarks/domains etc.
I still fancy A Coda...