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Matt is just a lifelong computer user, music player and book reader. In contrast to the rest of the Handmade Dev team, however, his early life and education only touched on programming, having culminated with a degree in English language and literature. Or it would have had Casey not brought us Handmade Hero.

Within the Handmade.Network, Matt has become the person to ask to know if / when Casey covered a given topic – at least until the annotation system receives its long-expected overhaul – and will be the go-to person should you have any issues with the Network's site.

While not annotating or grepping the annotations for answers to folks' questions, Matt practises programming in C with a view to developing a bunch of software – to play, to run your console-based applications, for doing linguistic research and staging theatrical shows – writes audio and story (for games), and evangelises his Arch Linux system, taking full credit for Abner's discovery of the beautiful distro.

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