Cipher Drive is a 2D space western focused one of four intergalactic smugglers and their dangerous journey through deep space. Flying through the Covaris Galaxy on a trip to deliver and discover goods both expensive and illegal, you must not only win the chase, fight the skirmish, but you must also dig for leads on where to go next. After a long flight through the stars you can stop at one of many stellar stations and choose wisely with whom you speak. Covaris is teaming with countless alien species and advanced robotic intelligence. Is your motive solely being a smuggler, a cargo flipper, or will you find yourself investigating more than meets the eye?

From collecting cards and mastering the art of deck building to hiring the right crew to aid you in dangerous trips through space, Cipher Drive is a mixture of game mechanics. Team Overreact aims to approach these mechanics in a fresh new way. Quests are made by your play, music is determined by the moment, and all while looking like you're reading a retro comic. Team Overreact is working on a modular code base to help us achieve these fresh, innovative solutions. Our progamming team is building an in-game editor that will allow us to design the game more hands-on in real-time, this is something to be excited about!