I live near the University of Michigan campus in Ann Arbor, Michigan, where I am an undergraduate majoring in computer science with a focus on software systems (as of 2015).

I discovered programming when I had my first game idea at the age of nine. I discovered C++ at the age of twelve and have been using it ever since.

Most of my work in C++ involved experimenting with different ways of constructing game architectures. In 2013 I started PUSH, the first game I ever completed. I learned a lot from my work on PUSH; when I say "learned" I mean in that way where everything I did in PUSH was wrong and I learned that I would never write code like that again.

I also studied machine learning methods. The majority of my work there involved optimizing large matrix math and messing with various neural network training algorithms.

Now I am working on 4coder, a code editing application, with the explicit goal of providing high level editing features for C and C++ code.

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