The Grand Opening

That's right folks, after starting Lysa, formerly known as Gungnir, almost exactly one year ago (initial commit was on 27 Feb, 2016), we finally decided it was time to announce the project.

Don't be fooled, there hasn't been a year of full-time work on the debugger, but it has been growing off and on for the last 12 months. It all started with trying to understand wtf the ELF data could tell us. Then we moved onto dabbling with DWARF information within the ELF data (neckbeards are really good at naming things). Next was fiddling with Linux system calls like ptrace. And all along the way we wrestled with designing the API.

Lysa is by no means finished. There are many months ahead before we can say that, but we aren't too far from a prerelease build that you can actually use. Currently, our North Star includes a few more features and tweaks before Lysa can be held within your hands and fiddled with. ;-)

Anyway, enough rambling. This post is just to let the community know that Lysa is coming and that you should all be pretty damn excited. Keep your eye out for more updates soon™.
Allen Webster,
Abner Coimbre,
Indeed, Allen.
Really looking forward to trying this out.
Jeremiah Goerdt,
Thanks for all the interest. You can probably imagine that I'm pretty excited as well :-)