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The Move is Over

Jeremiah Goerdt
Well, it's *almost* over. We're still unpacking and settling in. You might be surprised at how much random stuff there is to do when moving a family to a new house, in a new state, with new schools, and on and on. There is always more crap to do around the house.

I'm ramping up to starting Lysa streams again, and working on getting my work machine back up and running. Unfortunately, it has taken longer that I wanted it to take. I'm still standing next to piles of boxes and a todo list long enough to last me another month, just to settle in.

BUT, it's almost time to settle into a permanent workflow in my new office with a new chair (who knows when it'll be delivered...). I'm pumped, because it will be a *very* long time before there are any large moves again.

It's gonna be good. Lysa will ship this year, and it will be time to start iterating.

P.S. The debugger will definitely need some early, dedicated users to get the ball rolling when we near launch day. ;-)


"Unfortunately, it has taken longer than I wanted it to take"

This pretty much sums up all of life for a programmer. :P Can't wait to see the new streams.
Haha, you nailed it!
Congrats, I just started watching some of your older streams on YouTube and have been enjoying them a lot.

Also, dungeon synth is great programming music, so thanks for that!
Good to hear! I've been considering whether I should leave all the videos up on YouTube or cut them down to just the recaps.

Have you been watching the full archives?
Nope, just random bits of random videos here and there.