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A game about a world intertwined with music.

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About The Melodist

The Melodist is a game about a world where music and physical reality are intertwined. Musical changes can create changes in the world, which allow the player to explore and make discoveries.

The game is built in a custom engine being written from scratch in C. It depends only on the C runtime library and the operating system on which it is run.

Development is being documented through a YouTube devlog series and is occasionally streamed on Twitch.

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Recent Activity

&melodist Developer terminal improvements. Now I have all formerly only stdout directing to: stdout, the Windows debug output, and also the developer terminal. Warnings and errors are logged as such, so warnings are yellow and errors are red. Builds for programmers have notifications for warnings/errors. I implemented this because I was spending far too much time trying to debug shaders when they were just failing to compile. Now I'll be notified of it so I won't waste my time thinking I wrote my shader code right. :) (Also has the benefit of catching slow spots)

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