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Name Change (7/5/2017)

The game I'm making has very much changed since I began making it; the art is different and therefore the feeling is different, the gameplay is different, and it's attempting to express a different idea. You might say there is a sort of "dissonance" between the new and old versions, ha ha...

Jokes aside, I'm changing the name for the project to 'Cadence'. This decision was made for a few reasons: Firstly, there exists another indie game in development titled 'Dissonance'. They are further in development than I am and I figured that I'd rather not cause problems; in the worst case, it'd be potential legal trouble, and in the best, it would confuse everyone. Secondly, it's true that the game has evolved from what it was originally supposed to be. The name 'Dissonance' fit much more adequately for the dark art style I had before; now, the game has a less "dark" atmosphere.

Ultimately, I found it to be a good decision regarding both marketing and design. Hopefully everyone feels the same way; thanks for reading, everyone.

As always, I'll thank you for your incredible support!
Jeroen van Rijn,
Thanks for the update, Ryan.

Good luck on the new path.
Ryan Fleury,
Thanks for the support, Jeroen!