Hello, everyone!

This is a quick update about what I've been working on recently.

Up to this point, I've been writing The Melodist using GLFW and OpenAL. I did this with the intention of eventually writing my own platform layer, which I decided to begin work on a few days ago. I'm sure the folks at Handmade Network know better than anyone that there is no better place to start on this task than Handmade Hero!

I've been writing games for several years and have been attending university, studying computer science, for two years. This was my first experience of sitting down and writing code side-by-side with Casey, and after a few episodes of doing that, I can comfortably say Handmade Hero has brought me a level of education better than any other at this point.

Thus far, I've got gamepad input, keyboard input, mouse input, and escalated OpenGL context initialization. I couldn't possible pass on the opportunity of hot code reloading either:

There isn't really a discussion I have or anything, I just have to send a huge thank you to Handmade Hero for its value as an educational resource! I'm really excited about this new direction for the project.