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Patreon Launched! (3/21/2017)

Hey everyone!

I just launched the Patreon page. In theory, financial support from any followers will allow me to fund pixel art and potentially music will allow me to dedicate all free time towards development of the game and devlog series. More information is available at the Patreon page.

Here's a link to the Patreon page.

If you choose to support me, I'll be extremely grateful; you'll also receive rewards (that are all listed on the Patreon page).

Thank you all so much for the support!
Matt Mascarenhas,
Delix, if I go for the $5 tier, could I swap out the "access to a private discord server" for something else? Perhaps a brand new and pristinely wrapped toilet roll?

…I'm kidding. Supporting the project will be reward enough.

Also, if I ever find myself at the "release" stage of a project and am in need of some kind of promotional trailer, I'll know where to turn. Really lovely work in all your videos.
Ryan Fleury,

Sending the toilet roll as we speak! ;)

Thank you so much! I'll be more than happy to help with any video editing needs. And thank you so much for becoming a patron. You have no idea how much I appreciate the support. :)
Matt Mascarenhas,
Alright, I'll try and contain my excitement until the roll arrives…