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Hey all, I'm hoping to get a blog post or two out sometime soon. It won't be news about YAVE, but it'll be an interesting read in their own right. There's quite a few pieces of writing I have on the backburner, including:
- Reflections on using Unity for game prototyping
- Making IMGUI wrappers around a non-IMGUI library like Windows Forms
- A color picker application I'm working on
- Restrictive textures that are not pixel art
- A feature that I would like in every metaprogramming tool

Hopefully once one of these is done, it'll give me momentum to do some of the others. Anyway, haven't forgotten about you. Disappearing now! Bye!
Matt Mascarenhas,
I'm looking forward especially to the colour picker article. There's actually an idea related to the new annotation system floating around (well, I've mentioned it to the team) for which a colour picker could come in very handy!