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Self-employed. Working on YAVE and other less ambitious games. Californian and highly individualistic.

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Hey I want to organize a little meetup for the Seattle residents. Maybe during GDC so we can all …
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Hi all, I'm currently looking for some extra work to put some more coins in the coffers. I have a…
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This is kind of bonkers but bear with me. For a few editors, and some circumstances within those …
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Hey all, I have a fairly spacious apartment in Redmond and I'm always looking for a chance to tak…
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Hey, I'm gonna be at PAX. I might also attend PAX Dev, mainly to dip my pan in the water and see …

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Hello :)
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1. Unless the arguments lend themselves to obvious groupings, such as 1 2 3 4memcpy( SourceBu…
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Sharlock93 Thanks, I have been around the english language for 10+ years, mainly because I was in…
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Sharlock93 Implementing a Basic PNG reader the handmade way English is not my native language, p…
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I hadn't realized the "resource management" angle... I like the way you think. I had half a mind …