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Oswald and Quade Chat #1

I'll begin with an announcement: Quade Zaban has been added as a temporary members of YAVE's development team. Quade has a fair deal of game development experience and shares a lot of game design philosphy with me. He's interested in contributing to this 3D game project in order to provide him with some mental breathing room as he prepares his action-puzzler for publication on Nintendo consoles.
In order to get Quade familiar with my project and my codebase, I needed to have a few Skype calls with him. And since I also needed to inform my HMN brethren on what I've been up to, we elected to record our conversations, thereby killing two birds with one stone.
So this will be a series screencasts of us discussing the project. The first video will be a grand overview of the game and then a discussion of short term goals. The second will go over the game's platform layer. The third will dive into the game code and its resource management system. We may also do a fourth about the the meta-programming solution I'm using and how it could be improved or expanded. I'll be releasing one of these each week.

Oswald and Quade Chat #1: Dream Document and Short-Term Goals
For this one we go over the tentative document I've prepared, originally to explain the goal of the project to an artist I was corresponding with. It's less of a "design document" and more a "dream doc," but it should do a decent job explaining what I aim to do with my game. You would be surprised at the number of people who hear that I'm making a "Minecraft Clone" and think that I literally want the game to start out with punching trees!
Later, we'll go over some short term goals for the project.

So what do you think? Is my design document too vague, too ambitious, too unoriginal? Should I not have written one yet? Can you tell my throat was getting scratchy? Sound off in the comments!
Matt Mascarenhas,
Cool. I haven't listened to the whole design doc yet, but can say without a shadow of a doubt that, with the addition of Quade, YAVE is further cemented as the project with the coolest named team members in the entire Network.
Oswald Hurlem,
Birds of a feather!