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Art Update (11/25/2016)

Ryan Fleury
Hey all!

If it wasn't obvious, I'm Delix and I'm developing Dissonance. All of the art you can see on the page is outdated; I figured that in order to keep both productivity and work quality at their highest extent, I should hire a pixel artist, which I've done. New art is already on the way; the art style is changing quite a bit, but the game's theme and atmosphere should (in theory) remain consistent.

It's worth mentioning, however, that much of the game's theme is subject to change, since the game's actual design is still being fleshed out.

To give anyone reading this a preview of the new art, I figured I'd post a few screenshots and .gifs of the new player spritesheet, which my pixel artist has just recently completed.

New Animations/Player Art (don't mind the old tiles... the real focus here is the player art and the particles!)

Development Screenshot

In-Game Screenshot (don't mind the inconsistent particles and old tiles... the updated fire particles are shown in a .gif above!)

Thank you all so much for your interest.


This looks awesome!