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Ben Visness
4 weeks ago
Hello again, everyone! Just in time for July, we have a project update for the month of June.

If you're not familiar, we take an opportunity each month to highlight some of the amazing work that's being shared on the Discord server and share it with the broader community as well. We also get a few words from each project's creator so you can learn more about what they're up to.

We've got a big one today, so let's get into it!

Palanteer (by Dadaaam)

This project came out of nowhere this month. Palanteer is a comprehensive profiler for C++ ... Read More →

Ben Visness
2 months, 1 week ago
Hey everyone! This is the first post in a new monthly series where we highlight some of the amazing projects being worked on around the network, and share some updates from those projects' creators.

What you see here is just a small portion of what gets shared in #project-showcase on the Discord. For each project we're highlighting this month, we have a few words from the project's creator and resources so that you can find out more.

This update was entirely made possible by Cedric on the Discord, who had the idea to do a community newsletter like this in ... Read More →

Ryan Fleury
5 months, 2 weeks ago
Well, it's certainly been a while! This is of course not a unique occurrence for me, really, but alas, I have come back to say hello and share some Handmade news!

The latter half of 2020 of course was a crazy year for everyone. It is often regarded as a time where nearly everything went wrong, but we can't forget to look at the positives as well. For Handmade Network in particular, we had a number of exciting moments...

HMS2020 (link)

...the first of which being the second annual Handmade Seattle conference, Handmade Seattle 2020, hosted by Handmade ... Read More →

Ben Visness
8 months, 3 weeks ago
We are excited to announce a new integration with the network's Discord server! On our home page you'll see a new Community Showcase section - this new feature shows off the latest work shared in the server's #project-showcase channel, where community members share what they're working on. The showcase is an especially vibrant and special part of the community, and we're excited to bring some of that energy to the website.

To share your own work, all you need to do is link your Discord and Handmade Network accounts. There's only a couple steps:
  1. Link your Discord account via the ...
Read More →

Ryan Fleury
1 year, 3 months ago
Hey, everyone!

I hope everyone is staying healthy throughout these troubling times. Currently, many of us are either not working or working from home and are subject to local restrictions on movement and activities. While the world is in a very worrying position, I have found a silver lining: there's a lot of stuff to do for programmers stuck at home. This includes, for example, doing amazing work and posting it in the Handmade Network Discord server's #project-showcase channel, or writing valuable technical information for others to read. Additionally, if your name happens to be Ryan, it might be ... Read More →

Ryan Fleury
1 year, 5 months ago
Hello, everyone!

I have both good news and bad news. The good news is that some very exciting things are brewing here in Handmade Network! The bad news, on the other hand, is that I haven't kept you up to date for awhile, so you will have a lot of reading to do.

Jokes aside, rest assured that I am both alive, and well aware that I am extremely late in writing this. As the saying goes, better late than never. :)

Let's jump into the news!

Handmade Network Podcast

Have you been missing listening to conversations and interviews between ... Read More →

Ryan Fleury
1 year, 8 months ago
Hey everyone!

It has been a busy month! I have quite a few very exciting updates to share with everyone, including: Some new site features, two new projects, and some highlights from the community showcase.

Handmade Seattle

Handmade Seattle took place a couple of weeks ago, and it was amazing! If you haven't already, be sure to thank Abner Coimbre for all of his hard work. The conference was an incredible experience, and it was a huge treat to listen to experienced industry veteran lectures, and have the community brought together. There were some live A/V issues so you ... Read More →

Ryan Fleury
1 year, 10 months ago
Hey folks!

I hope everyone is doing well. I just have a short post this month, which will include: The announcement of a new project, and my usual collection of interesting and impressive community showcase posts from the Discord server.

Handmade Seattle

First of all, I'd like to remind everyone that the window for purchasing tickets to Handmade Seattle is closing soon, so be sure to head over to the Handmade Seattle website and pick one up if you are planning to make it! There have been some more exciting details about the conference announced, including the announcement of new ... Read More →

Ryan Fleury
1 year, 11 months ago
Hey, everyone; I hope you're all doing well! I have a few exciting updates to share with you this month regarding the site, Handmade Seattle, some of the projects here on Handmade Network, and the usual community showcase posts.

Handmade Seattle

I've been talking about this for awhile: Handmade Seattle, a conference about handmade software being put on by Handmade Network co-founder Abner Coimbre, is coming up soon! It's taking place on November 16th, 2019 in Seattle, Washington. Multiple projects from Handmade Network will be there, including both 4coder and The Melodist, as well as a large number ... Read More →

Ryan Fleury
1 year, 12 months ago
Hey there, Handmade Network!

I hope you've all been doing well! I have some very exciting updates this month.

Handmade Seattle Tickets On Sale!

Handmade Seattle, the spiritual successor to the Handmade Con conference that we all enjoyed and hosted by one of the original Handmade Network founders Abner Coimbre, is going to be happening in the Seattle Center on November 16th, 2019. Tickets have recently gone on sale, so don't forget to get yours while you still can, before the conference is sold out! Click here to do so.

Handmade Seattle is going to feature a number of ... Read More →

Ryan Fleury
2 years ago
Hey, everyone! I hope your summer has been going well.

The Handmade movement, built around the idea of caring about the computer as a machine, and understanding it to make informed decisions about software with respect for the user, continues to excite me. It is always inspiring to see the hard work that the community does, and the ongoing discussions that help drive us all to be better.

I have a few short announcements this month, and of course the usual community showcase section, where I pull out a few highlights from the community Discord's #showcase channel and put them ... Read More →

Ryan Fleury
2 years, 1 month ago
Hey there, everyone!

Handmade Network is a community about writing quality software, understanding what the computer is doing, and using that to your advantage. Over the past month, the community has been hard at work, developing more software by hand, demonstrating the power that lower level understanding of the computer can give a programmer. I am extremely excited to show you all some of the amazing work happening in the community!

Additionally, I have some more news on Handmade Seattle, the conference dedicated to low-level programming, being run by one of Handmade Network's founders Abner Coimbre!

Handmade Seattle ... Read More →

Ryan Fleury
2 years, 3 months ago
Hello, everyone!

I hope your March and first half of April have gone swimmingly (yes, I know this is a little late!). There are some quite exciting things stirring in the Handmade community that I'm thrilled to share with you all!

Handmade Seattle Updates

I hope you didn't forget about Handmade Seattle, the low-level programming conference being made possible by retired Handmade Network Team Lead Abner Coimbre. It was announced last month, and some more details have been announced!

It will be at the Seattle Center's Armory Lofts on Saturday November 16, 2019. It will feature two ... Read More →

Ryan Fleury
2 years, 5 months ago
Hi, everyone! I hope everything is going well. This month, I have a few project announcements and some highlights from work happening in the community.

Handmade Network Project Updates

RemedyBG Initial Release

RemedyBG, a Handmade Network debugger project being written by x13pixels, recently had builds made public! The initial release was, but x13pixels has been great about getting updates and bugfixes out, so the application is now at version You can check out the most recent release post here.

Bitwise Returns!

It has been awhile since a Bitwise stream was done, but Per recently returned ... Read More →

Ryan Fleury
2 years, 6 months ago
Wow, 2018 was quite the year! From the passing of Handmade Network to the new team, to many new projects and members joining our community, to the new team's first stream, to today, where so many great things are brewing in our little corner of the Internet. I couldn't be more excited to kick off 2019; many exciting things await for software! I'll keep the ball rolling with some announcements, and some highlights from the community showcase!

Handmade Network Game Stream

Recently, I began a programming stream series with the rest of the team to help promote ... Read More →

Ryan Fleury
2 years, 7 months ago
Hi, folks!

2018 is coming to an end! Over the past month, the community has been doing amazing work as always, and there are additionally some very exciting things happening for the software development community at large.

Community Showcase

Handmade software development is about making quality things from scratch, with minimal dependencies and maximal understanding of the real, physical problems found in software engineering. Handmade Network community members have the opportunity to share some of their own projects developed in this style in the Handmade Network Discord showcase channel. As I did last month, I'd like to show some of ... Read More →

Ryan Fleury
2 years, 8 months ago
Hey, everyone!

I hope everyone's month has been wonderful thus far! Since the last news post, we welcomed a new project to the site, and we saw some really incredible work being done by members of the community (as always).

Community Showcase Posts

For those who are unaware (I'm looking at you, lurkers!), Handmade Network has a Discord server. In this server, there is a "showcase" channel, where community members can post videos, articles, pictures, or something else related to their personal projects. I went through and picked out a few awesome ones:

Community member Chen posted this ... Read More →

Ryan Fleury
2 years, 9 months ago
Hey folks!

Life has been busy, but as always, there has been so much exciting work happening throughout the network. This last month, it has mostly been work happening on many of Handmade Network's amazing projects. I want to focus in on a few of these.

Cdbg Build

I wanted to shed some light on Cdbg, a debugger being hosted on the network! I had the opportunity of trying it out for the first time recently, and it has been a joy to use.

Recently, Cdbg was released.

4coder Alpha 4.0.29

Allen Webster has been ... Read More →

Ryan Fleury
2 years, 11 months ago
Hi there, everyone!

I hope you've been doing well! There was quite a bit of exciting activity happening in the Network in August.

Special Event Stream Recording

The special event stream was a blast! I certainly had a good time, and I hope that all those who attended did as well. If you weren't able to make it, then a recording has been uploaded for your convenience. Check it out!

New Project: GBEmu

We recently welcomed Handmade Network's newest project, GBEmu, to the site. This is a handmade Nintendo Gameboy emulator, featuring a ROM debugger! Try it out, or ... Read More →

Ryan Fleury
2 years, 12 months ago
Hey there, folks of Handmade Network!

I hope last month went well for you all! For this month's news, I have a few exciting updates and announcements.

Site Updates

The technical staff has been hard at work in their task of getting accustomed to the site's code-base. Before diving into anything massive, the team has made the responsible decision to tackle smaller issues first. Right now, this has mostly included cleaning up the rough edges of the site and making small quality of life improvements that, in theory, improve the overall experience of you all.

When the technical staff feels ... Read More →

Ryan Fleury
3 years ago
Hello, World!


I'm Ryan Fleury, though some of you probably know me by my online alias "Delix". As Handmade Network founder Abner Coimbre had mentioned last month, the site's new technical staff and myself will be taking the reins of Handmade Network from here on out, which is an opportunity that I couldn't be more grateful to have. Handmade Network has had, and continues to have, a massive effect on me as a programmer, and I hope to do everything I can (alongside the rest of the team) to continue to allow this community to prosper to ensure ... Read More →

Ryan Fleury
1 month, 3 weeks ago
Hello, everyone!

I hope everyone is doing well! It has been another busy month in the Network, and I've got some exciting stories to share.

New Podcast Episode

First things first: We've been hard at work on more podcast episodes.

This month, we released the 14th episode, in which Demetri Spanos, artificial intelligence expert, PhD recipient, and former university professor, joins us to discuss a frequently-discussed subject on the Handmade Network: computer science and software engineering education (particularly in universities).

Demetri and I discussed the perceived problems in university computer science (and related) programs, how big of ... Read More →

Ben Visness
2 months, 3 weeks ago
Hello everyone! It's been a busy couple months around the network and we've got lots of exciting news to share.

The podcast is back!

After a bit of a hiatus, the Handmade Network Podcast is back! We're now publishing new episodes on a monthly basis, with each new episode coming out around the first of each month.

Our latest episode is an interview with Cancel, most widely known for Ripcord, an alternative Discord and Slack client that is written directly for native platforms. We're so excited and honored to have Cancel as a guest, so give the full interview ... Read More →

Ryan Fleury
1 year ago
Hi everyone!

I apologize for the extended period of silence. I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy. I've gathered a number of very exciting announcements!

HMN Lisp Jam

Recently, on the Handmade Network Discord, we've been having some discussions about metaprogramming and using code as data. It should come to no surprise to those familiar with the topic that Lisp has come up. Lisp offers tools for this idea to a much stronger degree than, say, C. Treating code like ordinary data is an immensely powerful technique that is helpful even when doing C programming, and allows one ... Read More →

Ben Visness
1 year, 4 months ago
Hey everyone! The library promised in our latest news post is now live.

There are over 50 resources to kick things off, with more on the way thanks to dedicated community members and everyone sharing links on the Discord. There are many categories to look into, and all resources are categorized by different types of media (books, videos, articles, etc.) so you can easily find the kind of resources you're looking for. You can also leave stars on resources so that everyone can see which resources are especially valuable to the community.

Every resource also has its own forum ... Read More →

Ryan Fleury
2 years, 4 months ago
I didn't realize I had two birthdays this year: One in February, and one on the day that Handmade Seattle was announced!

Handmade Seattle, A Low-Level Programming Conference

Abner Coimbre, Handmade Network founder and avid chocolate wine enthusiast, is hosting Handmade Seattle, a low-level programming conference that is a spiritual successor to Handmade Con, a conference that many of us attended, watched, and loved.

Handmade Seattle is built around the ideas that we very much live by here in Handmade Network, that is: Caring for the user, understanding the computer, using low-level knowledge to empower yourself as ... Read More →

Abner Coimbre
5 years, 3 months ago

Port: 7777 (SSL) or 7666 (Plain Text)

The server now supports cloaking, and will do so automatically when you connect so your IP address will not be visible to non-admins.

Where programs expect an IRC url, use:

You can also copy/paste this into Firefox's address bar.

Using a Web Client

You can access HMN via the Kiwi IRC web client via this url:

There is also another web client hosted by insofaras available at with history playback.

Common Channels

#dev — programming talk / questions
#hmn — questions / concerns relating to the ... Read More →

Ryan Fleury
2 years, 11 months ago
Hi, folks!

The vote results are in, and in accordance with them, I've made the decision to have the stream on August 19th at 6:00 PM PDT. Don't miss out; we'll be having a discussion about Handmade Network and a special appearance!

If you cannot make it, it's no problem; the stream will be recorded and uploaded later for your viewing leisure.

That being said, I'm so excited to see all of you there!

Stream Date/Time: August 19th at 6:00 PM PDT
Stream Location: On the Handmade Network home page or here.

(Here's a web timezone ... Read More →

Ben Visness
2 years, 11 months ago
Hey all - we just deployed some fixes and improvements to the network's BBCode system, and with them come a few new features that I hope you will enjoy.

Monospace Text

We've added the [​m] tag, which allows you to do monospace text inline. For example:

This text is [m]monospace[/m]!


This text is monospace!

We've also added a toolbar button for it next to B, I, and U, so you'll never forget which letter it is.

Custom Languages in Code Blocks

The [​code] block now lets you specify what language to use for syntax ... Read More →

Abner Coimbre
3 years, 1 month ago
Handmade Folks,

Many of you have come to know Ryan Fleury (aka Delix), of The Melodist fame, who hosts his project here.

After 3 years, Handmade Network has grown into a self-sustaining niche community, and I've been considering who I think is a likely candidate for taking a crack at running this ship. The team and I, as well as many veteran members, believe Ryan is the right fit.

Wait, you're leaving?

No. I'll remain as an original founder. However, for all practical purposes (financial, legal, setting goals, and so on), Ryan and his team will be at the ... Read More →

Abner Coimbre
3 years, 2 months ago
Handmade Folks,

UPDATE (5/22/2018)

  • rby90 recommended teachyourselfcs

  • Delix added a Handmade wiki entry. See The Pigeonhole Principle

  • UPDATE (6/2/2018)

  • Halarious recommends The Napkin Project. At the time of writing, the last sections present set theory pretty accessibly.


    In lieu of providing monthly news (nothing's changed since April), I want to give a brief and high-level overview of discrete mathematics. I've felt alarmed by rumors of programming students this year questioning its value, or just not knowing what it is! I can't confirm those rumors, but it won't hurt to present the topic.

    NOTE: I am not a ...
  • Read More →

    Abner Coimbre
    3 years, 3 months ago
    Handmade Folks,

    I actively dislike the online space during April Fool's, so I opted to write the monthly news the day after. Now you'll know these news are for real!

    New Technical Staff

    Please comment and thank the old team for their hard work!

    The current staff is ready to move on to new ventures. Jeroen has a demanding full-time career at a UK startup, ChronalDragon will graduate from the University of Washington in a couple of months to enter the workforce right away, and Miblo has slowly been growing his annotation clientele with Handmade Dev Show, Handmade Hero ... Read More →

    Abner Coimbre
    3 years, 4 months ago
    Quick news!

    Per Vognsen announced a project that, in my estimation, could not be more handmade. It's called Bitwise, and you can check it out here.

    To me, the beautiful thing about Bitwise is it will obviously complement Handmade Hero with additional depth. There will also be articles outside of the educational videos, so those who prefer to read might be in for a real treat.


    P.S. Thanks to eisbehr for bringing Bitwise to my attention. Read More →

    Abner Coimbre
    3 years, 5 months ago
    Handmade folks,

    On Wiki Feedback

    After the wiki released at the start of this year, we've had contributions new besides the initial ones (notably from nakst and eisbehr! Looking good.), but a lot of feedback comes from people who would rather have established rules and guidelines before even writing anything. Not having any formal rules was intentional, but I think we've waited enough time and it's time to write them this month.

    There have also been concerns about how to trace back to the initial contributor of an article. That can be found on the Revision History of ... Read More →

    Abner Coimbre
    3 years, 5 months ago
    Handmade Folks,

    The glitter of a new year should become steadfast determination to make the best out of 2018, and the network is no exception to that.

    Focus for 2018

    This year, Handmade Network will scale back development of brand new features to focus on improving what we already have. This will involve maintaining the regular stream of new software projects and encouraging the updates of established ones. It will also involve improving the Handmade Wiki and growing its contributions.

    As boring as that may sound to some, this is precisely the set of activities we need to focus on. ... Read More →

    Abner Coimbre
    3 years, 8 months ago
    Handmade Folks,

    The news remain the same as the previous one -- and we're also streaming education staff meetings weekly (previous one here). So today I'd like to make a request:

    Handmade Content

    Each software project on the network will have a dedicated wiki for themselves. They will decide what goes in there -- usual common sense caveats apply (NSFW things, vicious attacks on any individual, etc.)

    However, Handmade Network will display a sitewide wiki, and we'd like suggestions on what to have shortly after release. Here are some examples already given and mentioned on Patreon: (1) ... Read More →

    Abner Coimbre
    3 years, 6 months ago
    Handmade Folks,

    The early Handmade Wiki is out. This is an exciting year because we have almost zero content, and we get to see a wikipedia grow from effectively nothing. I've never had that experience before. Also, project owners get a wiki of their own, configurable in their Project Settings. Handmade Network's roadmap for 2018 is to create a self-sustaining HMN Wikipedia. File bug reports here and join our Thursday stream at 5PM EST.

    Andrew Chronister, the wiki's developer, has a few things to say:
    Handmade Network Wikis, like those on Wikipedia, MediaWiki, and other encyclopedic sites, are ...
    Read More →

    Abner Coimbre
    3 years, 7 months ago
    Handmade Folks,

    From Dec 23rd through Jan 1st we'll be taking a Holiday break from educational streams, Twitter updates, and news in general. Expect the network to return with vigor on January 2nd, where 2018 shall be our year to contribute to the Handmade Wiki. Can't wait to see how that journey goes! Thank you to those who have volunteered, provided splendid suggestions, or just shown overall support by regularly visiting our site.

    Much obliged,

    P.S. Enjoy the eggnog and chocowine. In addition, a few days break from programming (maybe even the Internet) is a very healthy idea if ... Read More →

    Abner Coimbre
    3 years, 7 months ago
    Handmade Folks,

    If you are a patron of Handmade Hero, you likely saw Casey's post, Patreon Implosion, and his plans to jump ship along with others -- a fact reflected on our own dwindling pledges. Casey supports Handmade Network. We've already discussed. He plans to continue supporting, and I'm certain all of you will as well... when the time is right again.

    We're closing down our Patreon effective imediately.

    By the end of the year, the team and I will have completed our site goals with the wiki system, and from there on we are doing a feature freeze ... Read More →

    Abner Coimbre
    3 years, 9 months ago
    Hello folks,

    This is a short one since we're essentially working on the two major things I announced last month:

    (1) I'll be streaming the handmade education meetings. For the upcoming November dates, subscribe to the Handmade Network RSS Feed or follow the network's Twitter account.

    (2) The Handmade Wiki is slated to release by the end of the year. The entire system is being developed as opposed to relying on some third-party site.

    Confirmed -- Handmade Lessons and Wiki by Xmas!

    We joked about this on Patreon. I hope that's the case! However, as I said over ... Read More →

    Abner Coimbre
    3 years, 8 months ago
    Hello folks!

    We're dangerously close to ending the month and I didn't want that to happen before making an educational stream!

    Those following my Twitch account know I've been doing personal programming streams for the past couple of weeks -- which has helped in ironing out issues with my new Internet setup.

    I want to try out a Thursday stream at 5PM EST with the education team, and I'm hoping that my dying laptop can handle OBS, multiple voice users, and Twitch! (I'll be getting my new machine soon, but virtue is a patience or something like that.)

    Obliged, ... Read More →

    Abner Coimbre
    3 years, 9 months ago
    Handmade folks,

    What a month we've had out there in "the real world." Some questions arose as to where I've been, which is awfully nice for the community to ask (answer is here... it was hard to announce this without Twitter in the first place!)

    I will still be personally active on Twitch when the time is right.

    Streaming all Education Meetings

    In order to generate awareness for the handmade lessons we plan to release by year's end, we will be streaming all education meetings for the last 2-3 months of 2017. Stay tuned for updates with our RSS ... Read More →

    Abner Coimbre
    3 years, 11 months ago
    Handmade Folks!

    Hoping September treats you well. If anyone lives near a hurricane zone, please check the weather report often! Random warning aside, let's get right to the updates:

    Project Lifecycles

      Chronaldragon implemented project lifecycles for the network! I don't have much to add to that, since he wrote an excellent post about it. I encourage you to check it out. With this feature laid out, the dragon is leveraging part of that system to continue work on Handmade's Wiki (which is his current focus).

    Server Upgrade

      I've upgraded the network to a much larger server on Hetzner. Jeroen moved ...
    Read More →

    Abner Coimbre
    3 years, 11 months ago
    The new server is up-and-running most of our stuff pretty well. Gitlab's been moved and the new SSH fingerprint for it is below,


    and you'll get notified about it whenever you push or pull on an existing repo checked out. We plan to move to Gitea next month but we'll discuss that on the monthly news. Read More →

    Abner Coimbre
    3 years, 11 months ago
    Hello folks,

    As part of the 2017 roadmap we find ourselves moving to a new, much larger server. The decision was made after consulting Kelimion and Chronaldragon on what may be best for Handmade Network moving forward -- the answer has been a single capacious Hetzner server as opposed to multiplying droplets on Digital Ocean.

    Scaling up to a bigger server in anticipation of the education initiative, giving everyone a larger quota, hosting upcoming projects, the Matrix chat, and so on, has been a wise investment as far as we can tell. Over the weekend, you may experience interruptions that ... Read More →

    Andrew Chronister
    3 years, 11 months ago
    Hey everyone,

    As we grow and develop, we're starting to look at how we can provide better service for our existing projects as well as making the onboarding process smoother for new projects. To start with, that means giving ourselves one level of removal from the management of projects by that old standby of programmers everywhere, automation.

    As Handmade Network has grown, we've seen the need to categorize projects via where they are in their lifecycle -- is a project under active development or has the maintainer seen a need to put it to the side for a while? Is ... Read More →