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Handmade Folks,

The glitter of a new year should become steadfast determination to make the best out of 2018, and the network is no exception to that.

Focus for 2018

This year, Handmade Network will scale back development of brand new features to focus on improving what we already have. This will involve maintaining the regular stream of new software projects and encouraging the updates of established ones. It will also involve improving the Handmade Wiki and growing its contributions.

As boring as that may sound to some, this is precisely the set of activities we need to focus on ...
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Handmade Folks,

The news remain the same as the previous one -- and we're also streaming education staff meetings weekly (previous one here). So today I'd like to make a request:

Handmade Content

Each software project on the network will have a dedicated wiki for themselves. They will decide what goes in there -- usual common sense caveats apply (NSFW things, vicious attacks on any individual, etc.)

However, Handmade Network will display a sitewide wiki, and we'd like suggestions on what to have shortly after release. Here are some examples already given and mentioned on Patreon: (1) documenting API ...
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[News] Handmade Wiki Released

Abner Coimbre  — 1 month, 3 weeks ago
Handmade Folks,

The early Handmade Wiki is out. This is an exciting year because we have almost zero content, and we get to see a wikipedia grow from effectively nothing. I've never had that experience before. Also, project owners get a wiki of their own, configurable in their Project Settings. Handmade Network's roadmap for 2018 is to create a self-sustaining HMN Wikipedia. File bug reports here and join our Thursday stream at 5PM EST.

Andrew Chronister, the wiki's developer, has a few things to say:
Handmade Network Wikis, like those on Wikipedia, MediaWiki, and other encyclopedic ...
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Handmade Folks,

From Dec 23rd through Jan 1st we'll be taking a Holiday break from educational streams, Twitter updates, and news in general. Expect the network to return with vigor on January 2nd, where 2018 shall be our year to contribute to the Handmade Wiki. Can't wait to see how that journey goes! Thank you to those who have volunteered, provided splendid suggestions, or just shown overall support by regularly visiting our site.

Much obliged,

P.S. Enjoy the eggnog and chocowine. In addition, a few days break from programming (maybe even the Internet) is a very ...
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[News] Shutting Down Our Patreon

Abner Coimbre  — 2 months, 2 weeks ago
Handmade Folks,

If you are a patron of Handmade Hero, you likely saw Casey's post, Patreon Implosion, and his plans to jump ship along with others -- a fact reflected on our own dwindling pledges. Casey supports Handmade Network. We've already discussed. He plans to continue supporting, and I'm certain all of you will as well... when the time is right again.

We're closing down our Patreon effective imediately.

By the end of the year, the team and I will have completed our site goals with the wiki system, and from there on we are doing a ...
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[News] Handmade 2017! How does it end?

Abner Coimbre  — 3 months, 3 weeks ago
Hello folks,

This is a short one since we're essentially working on the two major things I announced last month:

(1) I'll be streaming the handmade education meetings. For the upcoming November dates, subscribe to the Handmade Network RSS Feed or follow the network's Twitter account.

(2) The Handmade Wiki is slated to release by the end of the year. The entire system is being developed as opposed to relying on some third-party site.

Confirmed -- Handmade Lessons and Wiki by Xmas!

We joked about this on Patreon. I hope that's the case! However, as I said ...
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[News] A Stab at a Stream Schedule

Abner Coimbre  — 2 months, 3 weeks ago
Hello folks!

We're dangerously close to ending the month and I didn't want that to happen before making an educational stream!

Those following my Twitch account know I've been doing personal programming streams for the past couple of weeks -- which has helped in ironing out issues with my new Internet setup.

I want to try out a Thursday stream at 5PM EST with the education team, and I'm hoping that my dying laptop can handle OBS, multiple voice users, and Twitch! (I'll be getting my new machine soon, but virtue is a patience or something ...
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Handmade folks,

What a month we've had out there in "the real world." Some questions arose as to where I've been, which is awfully nice for the community to ask (answer is here... it was hard to announce this without Twitter in the first place!)

I will still be personally active on Twitch when the time is right.

Streaming all Education Meetings

In order to generate awareness for the handmade lessons we plan to release by year's end, we will be streaming all education meetings for the last 2-3 months of 2017. Stay tuned for updates with ...
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Handmade Folks!

Hoping September treats you well. If anyone lives near a hurricane zone, please check the weather report often! Random warning aside, let's get right to the updates:

Project Lifecycles

    Chronaldragon implemented project lifecycles for the network! I don't have much to add to that, since he wrote an excellent post about it. I encourage you to check it out. With this feature laid out, the dragon is leveraging part of that system to continue work on Handmade's Wiki (which is his current focus).

Server Upgrade

    I've upgraded the network to a much larger server ...
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[Notice] Server Move / HMN Gitlab

Abner Coimbre  — 5 months, 4 weeks ago
The new server is up-and-running most of our stuff pretty well. Gitlab's been moved and the new SSH fingerprint for it is below,


and you'll get notified about it whenever you push or pull on an existing repo checked out. We plan to move to Gitea next month but we'll discuss that on the monthly news.
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Hello folks,

As part of the 2017 roadmap we find ourselves moving to a new, much larger server. The decision was made after consulting Kelimion and Chronaldragon on what may be best for Handmade Network moving forward -- the answer has been a single capacious Hetzner server as opposed to multiplying droplets on Digital Ocean.

Scaling up to a bigger server in anticipation of the education initiative, giving everyone a larger quota, hosting upcoming projects, the Matrix chat, and so on, has been a wise investment as far as we can tell. Over the weekend, you may experience interruptions that affect ...
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[News] Project lifecycles

Andrew Chronister  — 6 months, 1 week ago
Hey everyone,

As we grow and develop, we're starting to look at how we can provide better service for our existing projects as well as making the onboarding process smoother for new projects. To start with, that means giving ourselves one level of removal from the management of projects by that old standby of programmers everywhere, automation.

As Handmade Network has grown, we've seen the need to categorize projects via where they are in their lifecycle -- is a project under active development or has the maintainer seen a need to put it to the side for a while ...
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[News] Open Education Meeting

Abner Coimbre  — 6 months, 2 weeks ago
This upcoming Wednesday, August 16th at 5:00PM EDT, I will have one of Handmade's Education meetings broadcasted live on Twitch. It will be archived for those of you who can't make it.

It is a voice-only meeting so you may only see me directly in terms of video, and the others (i.e. authors and beta testers) will probably appear as a list of users -- with an active microphone icon indicating they are speaking. The purpose of the live podcast is to let the Handmade community feel more involved with this yearlong initiative, and to let everyone ...
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Hello folks,

Thanks for sticking with us so far this year. It's my hope we're drawing ever closer to meeting our goals for 2017, and so let's get on with the updates.

Post Deletion

Chronaldragon has enabled post edit, reply, quote, and deletion as a set of icons for each of your posts. The delete feature was definitely a very crucial thing to have and I'm frankly surprised we had survived so long without it.

You now have greater control over your posts

If you have double posts and are embarrassed about them, now's the ...
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[News] NASA Article, Matrix

Abner Coimbre  — 7 months, 1 week ago
Hello folks!

Just a couple of interesting news before August comes to pass.

A Look Into NASA's Coding Philosophy

I wrote an essay over at Medium that gives an overview of the space program's coding philosophy. I also make a case for "handmade." I have hopes the post will reach a larger audience and have some of them join the community.

Matrix Meeting

This Saturday staff will be meeting to develop a roadmap for having a Matrix server as our Handmade chat system. We technically already do but it's accessible just for the admins (so I'm ...
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[News] FCC and our Space Program

Abner Coimbre  — 7 months, 2 weeks ago
FCC and our Space Program

Okay so the two aren't actually related, but I wanted to combine both news into one post.

Dear FCC Letter

I'd like to say there's one simple way to write a letter to the FCC. On that page you may explore what is happening with the ongoing battle (and it's been going on for so long now I'm tempted to call it a war) against Internet fast lanes. That DearFCC site lets you complete a letter, send it, and be on your way, if you choose to do so.

We ...
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[News] Handmade Efforts Growing

Abner Coimbre  — 7 months, 3 weeks ago
Hello Handmade Community!

All exciting Handmade news will be arriving shortly, no later than July 4th.

Did I say no later than July 4th? I meant no later than the day after said American celebratory holiday. Easy mistake. (I do apologize, though. Thank you for your patience and support)

Handmade Dev Site Released

We have made a landing page for Handmade Dev—the parent organization behind this network and the show. Handmade Network is being managed by the Handmade Dev Team, and we've always wanted a proper page for the organization and now we have it. In addition ...
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[Notice] handmadedev.show

Abner Coimbre  — 7 months, 3 weeks ago
Hello Handmade!

All exciting Handmade news will be arriving shortly, no later than July 4th. I am out for most of this weekend due to Holiday celebrations.

However, the team and I recently finished building the Handmade Dev Show site and we are in the process of annotating all episodes (some are already done, such as Episode 1, 5.1, 5.2, 6, 7, and a couple others) so I wanted to at least announce that! It'll be the home for future interviews.

See you soon!

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Hello folks,

Let's discuss the latest work happening for Handmade.

New Projects Approved

  • Seabird

  • Seabird is a game exploring the concept of reliance, cooperation, and pattern-seeking (by learning the typical behaviors of others). In the hopes that I don't misrepresent his intentions, I recommend you check his project page!

  • Bytopia

  • A working title, bytopia is a construction game using voxels as its building block. I'm an advocate for more games that use voxels in creative ways and bytopia is setting out to be not only that, but mindful about development in a handmade way. Check it out ...
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    Hello folks,

    Thanks to the work of AsafGartner, and with a bit of help from Miblo, insofaras, and the team (specifically chronaldragon), we can now search for any specific text on all Handmade Hero episode guides.

    Visit https://hero.handmade.network/episodes and look for programming topics (or any term, really).

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    [News] Beta Testers for Our Lessons

    Abner Coimbre  — 9 months, 3 weeks ago

    This is a short one, and if you're a Patron this should be a rehash of the same request!

    Test Drive our Content

    We're looking for "beta testers" this month. In essence, we look for those who may volunteer some of their time to test the lessons we have developed so far.

    You'd get access to our handmade educational repository and direct communication with our authors, reviewers, and other volunteers. If you're interested, send us an e-mail at [email protected].

    We're implementing the wiki system for the website alongside the lessons, and we ...
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    [News] Writing Lessons Left-and-Right

    Abner Coimbre  — 10 months, 3 weeks ago
    Handmade folks,

    I'm sorry for the slight delay in presenting the news (I knew I shouldn't have watched this first, in bed at night). Let's get started right away:

    Handmade Lessons Underway

    Last month I met regularly with our educators and peer reviewers to get the ball rolling on the lessons mentioned here. Meeting every other Sunday is proving effective, as it gives us good pacing while minimizing burnout all the while staying motivated. Each author provided an outline of their work, and a couple of us even have drafts already. However, the focus was on establishing ...
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    [Notice] News Coming April 2nd

    Abner Coimbre  — 10 months, 3 weeks ago
    Dear Handmade Community,

    April Fool's jokes on the web have already started, and I'm genuinely not in any mood to participate, so I'll be offline until April 2nd. On that date I'll provide the monthly news, here, on Patreon, and Twitter, as always.

    I also apologize if you've e-mailed me and I have not replied, I shall do so tomorrow.


    P.S. Admittedly, Hulu Hu is amusing. What a world to live in when you get paid to develop that.
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    [News] Handmade Educational Roadmap

    Abner Coimbre  — 11 months, 3 weeks ago
    Hello Dear Readers!

    We've hinted about our educational push since the year started, and it's time to discuss it openly. Your comments are always useful and we hope you encourage everyone involved!

    Handmade Education (Overview)

    If you haven't heard the recent audio podcast discussing Handmade's role on education, check it out here. These lessons are meant to be centralized, comprehensive, and cross-referenced enough for readers to go up and down different abstraction layers.

    The idea to be unafraid to go up an down that ladder of knowledge is at the core of Handmade. For example, a ...
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    Play - https://soundcloud.com/user-63451...ation-ep-1-handmade-dev-show-2017

    Description - On February 2017, Abner Coimbre and Andrew Chronister sit down to discuss Handmade's role on programming education, politics, chocolate wine protection programs, and the rapidly changing climate of software development.
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