After a lot of planning, we are super excited to finally announce our second-ever jam: the Wheel Reinvention Jam!

The Wheel Reinvention Jam is an opportunity for you to fix something broken, to explore new takes on old ideas, or to just replace a tool that's bugging you. Members of our Discord may know that we have a #wishlist channel where people can post software that they want to see a "handmade" version of - something faster, something smarter, something more robust and high-quality than what they're stuck with today. This jam is our attempt to attack the software on that list and kick off the next wave of handmade programs.

This jam is a follow-up to our LISP jam from last summer, where several community members created LISP-related software over the course of a week. That jam produced some incredible projects, including a game framework, a novel "compute engine", and even an entire LISP-based OS, bootable on real hardware. Since then we've been itching to do another jam, and our ever-growing #wishlist presented the perfect opportunity.

After the success of last year's jam, we're sticking with a similar format this year: one week, loose rules, and an open-ended topic. It takes place from Monday, September 27, through Sunday, October 3. The full details can be found on the jam's dedicated landing page:

Whether you're an expert developer or a total beginner, we're super excited to see what you come up with. In the coming weeks, we'll be sharing more info about the jam and more details on how you can participate.

Until then, be thinking about what software you want to see replaced!