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Devlog #2 Uploaded (1/18/2017)

Hey everyone!
Just uploaded the game's second devlog. I speak a lot about progress on the game's map editor and I get a bit into the code. Hopefully you all enjoy it; thank you for your interest! One thing worth mentioning is that I will need to rename the game at some point. If you have any negative or positive feedback or perhaps an idea for a new name, I'd be greatly appreciative if you left it in the comments!

Abner Coimbre, Edited by Abner Coimbre on Reason: Formatting.

Changing names is huge, isn't it? It's obviously tied to quasi permanent things such as identity and branding! I recall when the team and I wanted to find some title that didn't have Handmade on it, just to make a point we're trying to grow a community beyond Handmade Hero. However, as I asked around and saw articles from the likes of Jaxenter, Gamasutra and Kill Screen, I knew the term had already entered the public conscience.

It may not be impossible to rebrand, however, as William Chyr changed it (see here so you see how and why he did it), but man... the pushback I got wasn't worthwhile in my mind (as there are better things to fight for). Dissonance is in its early stages so I'm personally all for encouraging you to change it now. Can you tell us a little bit about why you want to, though? That may aid us in narrowing down our suggestions.


P.S. Didn't mean to turn this into a Handmade Network story, but it's an example I have of why I'm cheering for this changing-names-early decision. Also, your video logs are simply exquisite. Don't stop.
Ryan Fleury,
Thanks so much for the response Abner! :) Yeah, that's partially why I'd rather change it now than later; it's easier to rebrand earlier rather than later!

The main reason is because I don't want to conflict with the other indie game titled 'Dissonance', just to ensure that I don't run into copyright issues and also so I don't steal any traffic from them (and vice versa, of course). There are other reasons, however; with the new art direction the game has, I find a name that reflects negativity (of some sort) to be more unfitting than it used to be. The game will have a bit of a melancholy atmosphere, but not a dark or negative one (at least for the most part; probably will depend on where you are in the game).

Thanks again!