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[Notice] Server Move / HMN Gitlab

The new server is up-and-running most of our stuff pretty well. Gitlab's been moved and the new SSH fingerprint for it is below,


and you'll get notified about it whenever you push or pull on an existing repo checked out. We plan to move to Gitea next month but we'll discuss that on the monthly news.
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Mārtiņš Možeiko,

Why not simply copy ssh host key to new server? Then ssh fingerprint would not change.
Jeroen van Rijn,
Gitlab works a bit strangely, Martins. It doesn't use the key from /root/.ssh (for obvious reasons), there's also no user git with a home directory /home/git in which to find a .ssh subdirectory. The key is certainly somewhere to be found (although it's strange that the backup didn't backup the ssh key or the OTP secrets), you're right. I blame it almost being bedtime when I finished it for not thinking to go hunt down exactly where it stored it.

Once we move away from Gitlab, though, I'll make sure we reuse it so that transition can be as smooth as possible.