Hello folks,

As part of the 2017 roadmap we find ourselves moving to a new, much larger server. The decision was made after consulting Kelimion and Chronaldragon on what may be best for Handmade Network moving forward -- the answer has been a single capacious Hetzner server as opposed to multiplying droplets on Digital Ocean.

Scaling up to a bigger server in anticipation of the education initiative, giving everyone a larger quota, hosting upcoming projects, the Matrix chat, and so on, has been a wise investment as far as we can tell. Over the weekend, you may experience interruptions that affect the website, Gitlab, and IRC. If you do, give it a few minutes and try again. If you're legitimately concerned you can always e-mail us at [email protected], or ping us on Discord or IRC.

This is a good opportunity to remind users you can support the team and I through Patreon with any dollar amount. We tend to lose good pledges after the summer and I want to make sure we can always expand the growing needs of the network, as well as thanking the team when they spend their time building the website.

Thanks folks!

P.S. Since I mentioned Matrix, here are some news from a couple days ago that may be interesting to some users.