Handmade Folks,

The glitter of a new year should become steadfast determination to make the best out of 2018, and the network is no exception to that.

Focus for 2018

This year, Handmade Network will scale back development of brand new features to focus on improving what we already have. This will involve maintaining the regular stream of new software projects and encouraging the updates of established ones. It will also involve improving the Handmade Wiki and growing its contributions.

As boring as that may sound to some, this is precisely the set of activities we need to focus on. Slow and steady growth isn't as exciting as <brand_new_site_feature> but it must be top priority.

A Delay

Some upcoming projects are backlogged, and this is due to January being a travel month for yours truly, as well as some of the staff having extended their Holiday break (given the hard work performed last year in their professional lives).

If you have submitted yours, we'll most likely be getting back to you (again) shortly with an approval.

Growing Wiki Content

We recently updated the Editorial Guide to give quite a bit of freedom on how to write your content. We're still figuring out the best policies and rules to place on the wiki, but that can only be assessed fairly after seeing how the early contributions pan out. The most important thing is to remember not to plagiarize, not even perhaps through ignorance, because we'll remove the page without a second thought.

One well-known work to be a part of the wiki one day is Allen Webster's Intro to C Lessons, and he's been streaming his work on Twitch. I encourage the community to follow his progress, ask questions, and perhaps be motivated to become a volunteer for the wiki yourself!

We're in a good place to create written content for developers who wish to expand their understanding of lower-level programming and the overall handmade mindset. It's time!