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[News] Those Lessons Mang, We Can't Wait!

Handmade folks,

What a month we've had out there in "the real world." Some questions arose as to where I've been, which is awfully nice for the community to ask (answer is here... it was hard to announce this without Twitter in the first place!)

I will still be personally active on Twitch when the time is right.

Streaming all Education Meetings

In order to generate awareness for the handmade lessons we plan to release by year's end, we will be streaming all education meetings for the last 2-3 months of 2017. Stay tuned for updates with our RSS feed, or with our Twitter account.

Moving to Gitea

With our fancy new Hetzner server, we want to update or replace some software as well. In particular, the team is moving away from Gitlab in order to host all handmade code on Gitea.

Once the change is complete we will provide a detailed update.

Wiki System to be Completed by End of Year

This should be no surprise, but we plan to get this done in order to have a system on the site within which we host the handmade lessons.

This is our main focus

I already mentioned this on the last news, but this whole programming lessons thing is the website's current mission, so that handmade software projects and handmade educational material may coexist. In fact, we believe with more beginners engaging with the material, they'll be motivated to submit their own projects and thereby growing the network!

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Carlos Gabriel Hasbun Comandari, Edited by Carlos Gabriel Hasbun Comandari on
Good to hear from you.
Digital social media are addictive. What surprises me is how countless stupid people seem to populate the digital world too, making me almost become autistic.
A good idea is to only use digital social media on one day of the week just to check information and purge contact lists.
Abner Coimbre,
Hey Gabriel,

Thanks! Cutting it off so suddenly has helped me put things back in perspective. Now that my priorities are getting close to where they need to be, I may introduce a little bit of Twitter back in my life, some months down the road.

And to expand on your suggestion, establishing a schedule for when you should engage in social media may sound silly, but it can prevent you from (unknowingly!) falling into the addictive trap I was in.