CDbg build

Hello everyone, today I finally upload a new CDbg build.

- Starting: cdbg -t <PATH_TO_EXECUTABLE>
- Switching between windows ALT+<arrow_key>
- Switching between tabs CTRL+TAB go forward, CTRL+SHIFT+TAB go backward.
- Launch debugee F5, Stop debuggee SHIFT+F5
- Stepping over F1, Stepping into F2
- Set breakpoint at function CTRL+B
- Set breakpoint at selected line CTRL+Q
- Goto line CTRL+G
- Option menu CTRL+O
- Debuggee command line arguments CTRL+E

Changes that were made:
- Added keyboard navigation to the file viewer.
- Clicking on call in "Call Stack" window brings you to the call location.
- UI improvements.
- Improved PDB symbol reader.
- Reworked inspection window.
- Lots of bug fixes.

Download here: link
Abner Coimbre,
Pretty sweet. Is it available for Download on the project page too? I only see one for
Simon Anciaux,
Thanks for this new verion.

I've tested it for a few minutes, here is what I was missing right away (which is mostly about navigating and might not be your priority now)
- I would like to be able to expand structures in the watch window by pressing the right arrow on my keyboard (and collapse them with left);
- Mouse scrolling should move several line, not just one;
- I would like some way to move the cursor in the source faster, I generally have CTRL + UP/DOWN to move 10 lines up or down; and CTRL + LEFT/RIGHT to move to the next or previous word.
- A text search would also help;
- Having the keys set to the same as Visual Studio (eg: f9 to place a breakpoint).
- Having the hotkeys to step/resume ... always works even if you are not in the source panel.

- typing an expression like "ship.position.y" doesn't work in the watch window;
- Float printing doesn't work properly. Here is a screenshot. Look at angle and velocity.y, they both contain a '-' after the '.' also those are floats, you seem to print too much numbers.
- I hit this assert after pressing F1 or F2 at some point.
- The zip is missing msvcr120d.dll.
- Maybe you should put the change notes in a text file in the zip, it would help to get back to the keys quickly.
Nikita Smith,
mrmixer, thanks for you feedback!
Nikita Smith,
abnercoimbre, I was trying to upload a new version, but I get an error.
Mikkel ,
Personally I don't like VS's keybinds but like mrmixer I would like them to be different, since this is not an editor I would actually like S to step when I'm not typing in the watch window so maybe make them rebindable?
James Fulop,
First time using this, looks very promising! I am able to step through my whole program okay, but when I try to let my program just run with the debugger attached, I hit an assert.

Seeing that file path in the assert message make me wonder if the debugger assumes my executable is in the w:/ drive? My executable is on a different drive letter.
Nikita Smith,
Hjortshoej, in next update I will roll out customization.
Nikita Smith, Edited by Nikita Smith on
Yam, That message is an internal assert that displays where in the CDbg assertion was hit.