Wow, 2018 was quite the year! From the passing of Handmade Network to the new team, to many new projects and members joining our community, to the new team's first stream, to today, where so many great things are brewing in our little corner of the Internet. I couldn't be more excited to kick off 2019; many exciting things await for software! I'll keep the ball rolling with some announcements, and some highlights from the community showcase!

Handmade Network Game Stream

Recently, I began a programming stream series with the rest of the team to help promote Handmade software development. We got started on a small game, which myself and the rest of the team will be working on live. Thus far, we have a nice little application setup on Windows, and the capability of cross-platform code to work within some memory and do software rendering.

The next stream will be on 4 January 2019 at 12:00 PM PST, and I'll be continuing work on the game. Hopefully things will get a little bit more exciting as we get past the simple platform stuff. It's a bit dry, but will set us up for success in the future as we tackle more interesting concepts! Catch the next stream live here!

The stream's recording will be uploaded soon. Sorry for the delay on this!

New Projects

Within the past month, we welcomed two new projects into Handmade Network!

Firstly, we have another project from Chen, who is also the developer of the Monter project. This project is an interactive handmade path tracer, CRay. There have been some great screenshots posted in the community Discord's #showcase channel. I encourage you to check out, and try out, CRay here!

Additionally, community member Krixano's EdimCoder, a terminal-based text editor that Krixano has been using in practice, was accepted! I encourage you to check it out here.

Community Showcase

As always, I've dug up some amazing things from the community Discord's #showcase channel. Here are two of them:

Here's a post by Odin developer gingerBill on an immediate-mode graphical user interface written in Odin!

Essence developer nakst continues to impress us with Essence's new window visual improvements.

While the above two examples of some of the work the community is doing are wonderful, there is plenty that I didn't touch on. If you're interested in checking out all of the awesome work that everyone is doing, I encourage you to join us on Discord!

That brings me to the conclusion of this post. 2018 was great, Handmade Network; I'm looking forward to the exciting things that await us in 2019; you'll hear from me soon! Let's keep up the good work!

Best wishes,