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[News] Handmade Seattle Updates and Community Showcase

Ryan Fleury
Hey there, everyone!

Handmade Network is a community about writing quality software, understanding what the computer is doing, and using that to your advantage. Over the past month, the community has been hard at work, developing more software by hand, demonstrating the power that lower level understanding of the computer can give a programmer. I am extremely excited to show you all some of the amazing work happening in the community!

Additionally, I have some more news on Handmade Seattle, the conference dedicated to low-level programming, being run by one of Handmade Network's founders Abner Coimbre!

Handmade Seattle News

Handmade Seattle, as I've mentioned in previous months' news posts, is a conference that is dedicated to precisely the kind of thing that Handmade Network is built around: Understanding the computer, and using that understanding to build quality software by hand. The conference will include low-level programming project showcase booths, as well as featuring two panels, where software engineering industry experts will discuss modern software engineering issues.

Abner Coimbre, the host of Handmade Seattle, is now looking for low-level projects that follow the Handmade philosophy to be one of the chosen few that are showcased at Handmade Seattle. If you are working on a low-level programming project and you would like to show off your work and discuss it with other like-minded folks, you should try sending Abner an email.

Community Showcase

As I mentioned, there has been more amazing work happening in Handmade Network. Here are a few particularly awesome highlights that I picked out of the Handmade Network Discord Server's #showcase channel.

raylib Demos
raylib is a Handmade Network project that is built to provide an enjoyable video game programming experience. It is battle tested, with more than 1000 students working with it for educational purposes. Its creator, raysan5, posted a list of over 95 examples of raylib in use. Most of the examples will run in your browser, but will also work in a native C environment. Check it out!

rxi's Sequencer Usage Demo
Here's another gem from rxi. In this video, rxi's music sequencer is demonstrated. This is an extremely impressive piece of software is not only written in the Handmade philosophy, but has also already produced extremely impressive results.

d7's Shadow Experimentation
Community member d7 posted some videos of his experimentation with shadows. A problem with traditional shadow maps is that they only provide a single level of shadowing: Once a particular pixel is determined to be in shadow, it becomes impossible for other objects in shadow to cause a stronger shadow. d7's experimentation involves this problem, and tries to solve it. Here is a video of the experiment, which demonstrates very promising results.

Odin's Website
Handmade Network project Odin, a programming language that is in development by community member gingerBill, now has a website! Check it out here.


That's going to be it for this news post, everyone. As always, I encourage you to join us over at the Handmade Network Discord Server or here in the Handmade Network forums. I hope to talk to you all soon!

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Is anything happening on the site development ? The rss feed seems to have changed recently.
Hey Simon, sorry about the late response. Things have been busy for all members of the team in real life, so unfortunately things are moving at a slower pace. I'm going to keep a running list of the existing problems you're seeing so that they can hopefully be addressed soon.