Hey folks!

I hope everyone is doing well. I just have a short post this month, which will include: The announcement of a new project, and my usual collection of interesting and impressive community showcase posts from the Discord server.

Handmade Seattle

First of all, I'd like to remind everyone that the window for purchasing tickets to Handmade Seattle is closing soon, so be sure to head over to the Handmade Seattle website and pick one up if you are planning to make it! There have been some more exciting details about the conference announced, including the announcement of new speakers, new projects, and more general conference details, so I recommend checking the news out.

New Project: Dan Zaidan's Break Arcade Games Out

Community member Dan Zaidan recently streamed a short series in which he programmed an entire game from scratch in C. The series features several interesting topics, like software rasterization, a multithreaded job system, and more! Additionally, the game that Dan worked on was just recently released on Steam.

This project was just accepted to the Network, so it has its very own page on the website! Check it out here.

Community Showcase

As always, I have a number of community showcase posts from the community Discord server to relay to you.

raysan5's Icon Editor

Community member raysan5 posted an application he developed with his Handmade Network project Raylib. It's a simple monochrome icon editor. It was developed in a total of 6 days on top of the existing Raylib technology, which goes to show the usefulness of Raylib!

rxi's UI in a custom scripting language

Community member rxi posted a demo of his UI library, microui, being used with his embeddable scripting language fe.

Hayden's Rendition of Asteroids

Community member Hayden posted a game that he has been working on as an introduction to low level game and engine programming: Asteroids! It is written from scratch in C on top of SDL2.

UglySwedishFisk's Raytracing Renderer

Community member UglySwedishFisk has been posting several demos of his raytracing renderer, written in Vulkan for RTX cards. A number of impressive features have been shown off. I've collected my favorite two pictures, but to see them all you'll need to checkout the #showcase channel yourself!


That's all I've got for now... It has been another amazing month of seeing the amazing work that everyone is doing around the community.

Don't forget to purchase your tickets to Handmade Seattle, and to stop by the community Discord Server.