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It's been so long ;)
Feature Request: Who's streaming page
I would like a page that shows if a Handmade Network project stream is live or offline. Preferably, have them all in the same page so you can see if anyone is active at a quick glance. It would also be nice to see how long they've been streaming and maybe see the previous streams for quick navigation.

- Connor
Andrew Chronister
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Feature Request: Who's streaming page
I added a fork of Asaf Gartner's twitch panel at https://handmade.network/streams/live several montsh ago ago. It is not currently synced with the streams known through being linked on projects or user profiles; it simply uses a set of twitch usernames which is whatever I thought of including back when I added it. If you do not see a stream which you think should be included, let me know and I can quickly add it.

We'll have a better system for this, including information about what streams are scheduled ahead of time, in the future.
Asaf Gartner
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Feature Request: Who's streaming page
There's a newer version of that: http://asafgartner.github.io/twitch_panel/index2.html