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Ryan Fleury
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Jam Project Templates

Reinventing the wheel is no small task. We've prepped a few project templates in C, C++, and Odin to help you get started. They are packaged examples from some of the libraries (and using a language) from the Handmade community.

Check them out or contribute here.

Currently, we have four templates available for use...

  1. C++, DearImGui, OpenGL3, and SDL2
  2. C, MicroUI, OpenGL3, and SDL2
  3. C, Raylib
  4. Odin, MicroUI, SDL2

... and we're always looking to add more. We also would like a Linux build script for them. If you'd like to contribute those things, open a pull request on the repository.

Ben Visness
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Jam Project Templates

Additionally, if you're using Zig, these starter projects may be of use. Thanks to Loris for these recommendations!

  • ZT: https://github.com/JonSnowbd/ZT

    An app template containing Dear ImGui, OpenGL, stb_image, and GLFW. A great all-rounder for nearly anything you'd want to do. Zig 0.8.1 is recommended.

  • Zero Graphics: https://github.com/MasterQ32/zero-graphics

    A more minimalistic approach using OpenGL ES 2.0 with a custom rendering API. May require a nightly build of Zig unstable.

And finally, for extreme minimalists, you can try SDL.zig or vulkan-zig, which are simply bindings around SDL and Vulkan.

Neo Ar
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Jam Project Templates

I posted a minimal example of getting started with raylib and raygui in D here, anyone is free to use this as a template for the jam: https://raylib.handmade.network/forums/t/2427-raygui_-_a_simple_and_easy-to-use_imgui_module_for_raylib#25107