Here is the showcase video.


The code is hosted here.


This is a library which automatically generates color themes based on the user's background image.

I made this project as a part of the Wheel Reinvention Jam, using the jam as an excuse to work on a project which feels frivolous, but should come in handy for prettifying future projects.

The project is a C library with an optional command-line interface. The library looks at the user's current desktop background and picks some number of unique colors from that background. It then outputs the color values selected.

Here's a dear ImGui application with Auto Color theme:

Example Theme

Here's Emacs with Auto Color:

Emacs color

Closing thoughts

I'm really happy with how this project turned out. I was able to make a much more lightweight project to do something which looks cool. The integration is simple enough that I plan on using it on many of my future projects.