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OpenGL / golang systems programmer
4 years, 1 month ago
I'll take this for a yes :)

We have the following job open for a GL/go systems programmer, and we are also hiring for a second math heavy golang position.

ACME AtronOmatic, the developer of MyRadar is seeking a developer to join our team in Portland, Oregon.

MyRadar is a leading consumer facing weather app on iOS, Android, Windows. We have been downloaded more than 25 million times and continue to expand in the U.S. and abroad. We have offices in Portland, Oregon, and Orlando, Florida. Our core technical team is about 12 people.

We're hiring someone to work on our internal NEXRAD weather radar data processing engine. This engine takes raw radial radar data signals from a network of over 200 ground based radar stations, ingests them in real time, and processes them into tile-based data for further display by client applications. The engine itself is a geographically distributed cluster of servers each with multiple GPUs. Our software, written in Go, runs on each server and communicates with the other servers in the cluster and distributes the workload for rendering tiles.

The successful candidate will have an excellent understanding of GPU based data processing, OpenGL, distributed architectures, UDP-multicast networking and overall TCP/IP socket programming, with both IPv4 and IPv6. A strong math background and ability to work with radial radar data is required, including an understanding of digital signal processing and resampling filter kernels. A strong interest and experience in weather and aviation products is a huge plus, as is familiarity with our current technology stack. (Go, C/C++, TCP/IP, HTTP, OpenGL, distributed architecture)

Relocation bonus included as part of the employment package. Relocation preferred, but remote is possible.
Jordan Duval
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OpenGL / golang systems programmer
4 years, 1 month ago
Do you have contact information that people can email you at with more questions?