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Nattee Setobol
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PEET - (Poor, Employed, Educated and/or Trained) with a chitty job.
Looking for a Software Job in any part of the US and/or Canada
My resume is

Examples of my projects can be found here: https://github.com/nsetobol

I am willing to relocated if necessary!
Rayalan Kenyon
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20 y/o recent college graduate Interested in game development
Looking for a Software Job in any part of the US and/or Canada
I have some feedback on your resume:
Please do not take any offense to this. I'm just trying to provide constructive criticism.


The punctuation is inconsistent. With some formatting changes you could present all this information in just one page. The 'Class of YEAR' is inconsistent with the way you present dates in the 'EMPLOYMENT' section. Some of the bullet points are underlined, but others aren't.

I doubt anybody cares that you use Vim. ASM -> assembly =/= hardware. x86 is fine, I just don't like the ASM. M in MySQL should be capitalized.
What's C PHP? If it's a language other than PHP then I think that's fine. Otherwise, cut the 'C'.

Parts of the description of your work with shipping are redundant. Part-time associate isn't bold. I think it's fine to list this job on the resume. Keep in mind if you're applying for a tech job this is the least relevant work experience you have. You want to get the job that's off the page on to this one page. If you still need extra space after that you could decrease the font size of your header.
Lost Astronaut Studios
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ZeroTypes, Pixitron lostastronaut.com Handmade: The Coders Who Say NIH
Looking for a Software Job in any part of the US and/or Canada
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Hi. I work for a major software company that is publicly traded and has been in business for 30 years. Before that, I did a lot of other things including write books and win awards.

I'm going to play devil's advocate here, because I know how impersonal companies can be.

I think my feedback on your resume is that your resume talks about hot skill languages like C++, PHP, C# and Python, but your github sample is written in .swift -- as a lead developer at company that does mainly C++ for desktop, and leverages Java, Objective-C, javascript, SQL and nodejs for mobile and web applications, I want to see examples written in those languages because you have emphasized them on your resume, and also because I look for candidates that have those skills, among others.

Showing me you wrote something in Swift for MacOS and iOS is not impressive to me unless I'm looking for someone to write iOS apps or MacOSX / Yosemite apps. Yosemite is several years old at this point so I'm probably not seeking a candidate with that kind of experience, if I'm making software that is trying to be cutting edge. Unless I'm part of the Mac Cult, I'm probably not going to give-rats-ass about it. I want to see proof that you are going to be a whiz at something relevant.

I just realized that was emphasized because it was your last repo.

Let's look at your other repos:

  • Huffman algorithm: Shows you worked somewhere else. Also demonstrates a common algorithm and is written in C++ good job.
  • KittehAdventure: So far the coolest one I've seen. Well done, and wow is that cross-platform.
  • PuzzleBomber: Interesting. There is a typo in the description.
  • Topnet: Interesting, though I'm skeptical it works, you claim it does. Written in pure C, shows dedication to programming and computer science.
  • NicoLiveTranslator: Interesting project but it's not clear how far along it is.
  • PokomonToGo: I see you are an addict of Pokemon Go.

So, all in all, much better than my initial impression, though it might be a good idea to create a video demonstration of these projects, to show off your communication skills and to give a brief overview to you and your programming philosophy and experiences.

Good luck on the job search and don't give up. If you're on LinkedIn maybe sharing that link would help you network with recruiters who are seeking candidates for many open positions nationwide.

PS lose the yahoo email