Hey there!
I'm in a startup that is developing a product for internal planning and communication for retail stores. We need to write this application in a fast pace, since we already have multiple big international companies that are interested. I am the lead engineer on the project and also a big "believer" in the "handmade philosophies".

We are looking for a programmer that wants to do something big, with high ambitions and that loves to program and to make great products. (For real). This person needs to have a fair bit of experience of C programming and bigger projects and needs to be able to work on their own, "improvise" and not be afraid of messy code or big refactorings. Fast fingers are also appreciated :)

The company consists of Swedish, German and Estonian people and we are located in Sweden. Please let me know right away if you're interested and we will set up some sort of interview. It is totally possible to work remotely if you're far away.

Edvin Holm
[email protected]
Twitter: @edvinholm_