Hey everyone!

My name is Masha and I'm a Technical Recruiter in the Bay Area. One of the engineers I work with, recommended this network for C++ developers.

We specialize in SENIOR level CONTRACT roles nationwide - I receive a lot of C/C++ embedded development roles (as well as other roles). Our clients range from start-ups to bigger companies such as Microsoft, Facebook, and Samsung.

I've included a few open roles right now - if you are interested please reach out to me.

Embedded Firmware
Location: Issaquah, WA
Duration: 1-3 weeks
Process: Phone screen to hire
Skills: Embedded FW

LORA transmitter
IOT Development
HW background preferred

Embedded C+
Menlo Park, Ca
6+ month contract
1 phone screen with coding test and 1 onsite interview

Need experience with C++, DSP, CPU, Microcontrollers, etc...Looking for a good low level engineer with C++

"I'd like someone who is strong in coding (C++ with some C), but knowledge of modern architecture DSP/CPU/GPU compute chips. When I interview I look for strong coding skills (C++ with some C), but I also probe to see if the candidate has the required HW background. However, we are flexible to find someone with strong coding to relax the HW requirement". Candidates must have experience in C++

The candidate will:

Work with and support silicon and embedded system architects
Port/reimplement existing research codes to various types of target compute platforms, RTOS, or bare-metal
Write low-level assembly or use target specific libraries in porting high-level compute codes to a new platform
Convert multi-thread codes to single or vise-versa
Performance profiling on CPU/DSP/Specialized HW virtual platforms, simulators, or emulators
Write new benchmark codes for KPI and performance analysis
Create performance verification test wrappers and profiling test-cases, by isolating compute kernels and applying real-world stimulus
Add instrumentation codes, reporting and needed scripts for profiling and runtime statistics gathering
Skills needed:

Knowledge of C++ and OOP
Knowledge of STL libraries and pthreads
Familiar with compute C++ libraries: Boost, Eigen, OpenCV, …
Prior experience with coding on DSPs, vector co-processors, or higher-end compute micro-controllers
Familiar with profiling tools: VStudio and GProf
Familiar with serialization/deserialization libraries for C++
Comfortable with reading others code, tracing them, and code refactoring

C++ with DSP

Need to be a U.S Citizens
Duration: 6+ Months
Location: Tyson, VA
Process: 1-2 Phone Screens


Looking for a C++ programmer with some python experience.

In addition they need to have signal processing experience.

They are working on drone threat assessment.

They are working on surveillance systems to monitor drones in high population areas (stadiums, campuses,etc.)

C/C++ with Networking
Location: Solon, OH (no remote)

Duration: 8 weeks w/ possibility for extension.

Project: Updating an existing RF power meter, adding additional capabilities


C/C++ experts

Building applications on Linux

Building network protocol via Ethernet; Ethernet experience required

Huge plus if engineer has these protocols: LXI and SCPI (known as "skippy")