Facebook is looking for UE4 developers in Washington - please comment if interested.

Facebook: UE4 Developer with C++
12+ months
2 phone screens to hire
Redmond, WA (Onsite)

UE4, C++, Video Streaming on Linux. Building a new platform from scratch.
Heavy pluses: HPC, GPU, MPI, UDT (networking experience).

Job Description Below:


Work on cutting edge of computer graphics research with the latest and greatest hardware to help build next gen user experience in AR/VR.

Modify UE4 source code of the engine on different levels: RHI, render passes, post processing, path tracing, etc… Write extensions and plugins, add support for a new display devices and modify code supporting existing ones. Write multiplayer application powered by UE4 to showcase different distributed collaboration scenarios.

Work with customers of the system to determine additional features necessary after the initial design is complete


5+ years of experience developing with C++
3+ years of experience working with UE4 rendering engine source code: RHI, render passes, post processing, path tracing
3+ Modern rendering frameworks DX12/Vulkan

3+ Real-time graphics/rendering experience on Linux\Windows


1+ Experience of building multiplayer application powered by UE4

Depth of understanding architecture of game engines

Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Mathematics, or related field or 5 years relevant experience