About the job and company

Lynx Paw is a small software agency looking for developers to develop mobile apps. We just opened for business this year (2020).

We're looking for a contractor to develop prototypes and MVPs of mobile apps. Currently, we have 4 contracts available. A contract involves a small prototype (1-2 weeks) leading up to an MVP (2-3 months).

The job is fully remote and you can set your own schedule. We need you to be available for an org call once a day. We try to follow the maker's schedule and not get in your way (and provide any support and info you need). In the end, the app getting finished is what counts.


- Build mobile apps and Web API backends
- Prepare project estimations and plans
- Write good documentation


- Demo of previous accomplishments e.g. portfolio, past projects, etc.
- Familiarity with a multiplatform mobile framework e.g. Ionic, React Native, Flutter, etc. (you can choose)
- Familiarity with developing Web APIs
- Familiarity with SQL databases (Postgres or MySQL)

Nice to haves

- Familiarity with React and/or Vue
- Familiarity with native programming on iOS and Android