I’m hiring my first Full Stack Web programmer to the team.

The app is called AMS Pilot(www.amspilot.com). It’s a spreadsheet interface specifically designed for Amazon PPC (pay-per-click). PPC managers use it as their daily driver. It lets the users perform the work they need to do - optimise PPC campaigns.

I avoid bloated libraries if possible and try to retain as much control over user experience as possible. While also keeping the app simple.

There is no OOP bs in the code. The coding principles are very similar to the ones that Casey Muratori and Jonathan Blow use, since I came to similar conclusions after programming for 13+ years.

On the server-side I use Node with Typescript and SQLite.

In the browser I use Vanilla DOM API in Typescript and a little bit of HTMX.
 The app is using Amazon API a lot, to download the PPC data on a daily basis and show it to the user.

If you have web experience, 3+ years, Europe timezone, and are interested, DM me please here or on Twitter @alexbezhan